Thursday, 30 July 2015

Inquisitor war band update: Floki Olafsson, the Arsonist

This here is Floki Olafsson. He's based around a Black Scorpion miniatures model, with a couple of simple modifications to "40K" him up.

Little is known about Olafsson before he joined the retinue of Inquisitor Daubenton. He is also a member of Lady Halifax's crew on the Rogue Trader ship Pride of Croydius, and on occasion is known to escort Lady Halifax as part of her personal retinue. He's a busy kind of bloke.

Rumours surround Olafsson.  Chiefly, it is said (around the secret circles of moonshine drinkers in the sub-enginarum decks) that he originates from Fenris. And lo, that he was selected by the mighty warriors of the Vlka Fenryka to become an Astartes through the various trials and traditions of that cold world. Alas, the implantation of the Progenoid glands did not take, and his body rejected them.

For a time, it is said that he inhabited the Fang and served in the humiliating (for him) role of a chapter serf, although it is said this is a great honour, the shame must have been nigh-unbearable.

It is not known how he came in to the service of Inquisitor Daubenton and Lady Halifax. However, this service seems to have done him the world of good, as he feels able to take an active role in smiting the enemies of the Emperor with blade and cleansing flame. Indeed, he has developed something of an obsession with fire.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Inquisitor war band update: Inquisitor Daubenton completed

Finally finished, and ready to take part in the secret battle for the Emperor's soul...

Hoping to start rolling up some characters tomorrow night for a forthcoming campaign...

Monday, 20 July 2015

Inquisitor war band update - Inquisitor Daubenton WIP

Just a quick one really, made a start on painting Inquisitor Daubenton, and this is the progress so far. Still got a fair amount to do...
Regrettably, his sword snapped for no apparent reason.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Inquisitor war band update: Interrogator Fergus Ronayne

This miniature is from the Helldorado range (I believe), but I'm not sure on the name of the character it represents in that game.

I remember having a browse through the miniatures for that game online after seeing some at Salute a few years back and having been impressed. I kind of fell in love with this sculpt and ordered it. I knew that one day he would feature in some type of Inquisitorial retinue.

And then, as is typically the case for many of us in this hobby, I totally forgot I had him. Subsequently, I rediscovered him, and decided the time was right for him to join Inquisitor Daubenton in his endeavors.

I set about painting him and somehow he ended up with a strong Celtic mane and mutton chops of the finest auburn. And a strong Irish name, which I co-opted partly from the first name of some kid I went to school with, and from the surname of some friends of mine from back in the Manchester days.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Inquisitor war band update: Mechanicum Adept

I've been quietly beavering away (norf!) whenever I've had a bit of spare time to do so, and I've managed to finish off another model that will slot nicely into Inquisitor Daubenton's merry band of Ordo Malleus nasties. Or even into a mechanicum war band, which I'm starting to have ideas for.

I made this conversion quite some months back, and thankfully I finally got around to it...

I wanted to try and do something with different types of metals. It seemed reasonable to me that highly modified members of the machine cult would consider certain cheaper metals suitable for use in expendable throw-away bits of kit (e.g. the power plant on it's back), and others, such as the more integral parts of their systems to be made to last in a more permanent capacity, and more exotic, rare metals might be used (e.g. the face plate and re-engineered weapon, which is based around a xenos design, incorporating some bits of xenos and imperial tech).

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Inquisitor war band update

Life's been kind of hectic recently, but I have managed to squeeze in a bit of time at my hobby table.

About all I've managed to do is paint up a henchman type character, who is carrying a sniper rifle, and to put together a minor conversion based around the Tech Priest Dominus clam pack character (or whatever it's called).

Not really too much to say on the sniper rifle toting fellow, apart from I gave him a red mask. Not really sure why, but he reminded me in some ways of the Red Skull villainous character from the Captain America comics. I think maybe the way the mask lay against the top of his head? It's not really too important though.

The conversion was kind of fun.  I did away with the walking stick as I didn't really like it, and it seemed a bit unnecessary. The model is being ambulated by a series of mechanical legs, after all! I also got rid of the pointy finger on the pole-axe holding hand.Once again, I didn't like it.  The axe had itself didn't feel quite right to me either. After a bit of rooting through my bitz box, and a good think, I came up with an idea for him to be carrying a pole-mounted loud speaker. The thought behind this is that it would broadcast binary transmissions, either in the form of commands and/or a call of the faithful to prayer (kind of inspired by the call to prayer you hear several times a day if you live near a Mosque).  I'll leave it to the reader to decide whether or not this idea works...

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