Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Denizens of the Garden of Nurgle - Pestigors: the 1st completed

Here we are, a mere 7 months (plus a few days) since I started labouring over the Denizens of the Garden of Nurgle project.  For those that don’t know, I became a father in May, so by virtue of this, I’ve had next to no time to do any painting or other related activities.  I’ve been managing to find the odd hour here and there, though, and thus am able to present the first of the four Pestigors…


  1. Yeah raising a family and everything involved can really impact your hobby time lol. I know that with the mad few months I've had with my house move and everything that goes along with that.

    Just about getting my hobby space sorted out now. Love what you've done with the Pestigor, can't wait to see the others.

    I'll be getting on with my own Nurgle bits and bobs when my tools and table are properly organised.

    Nurgle Represent!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, man.

      Real life often spares no sympathy for unfulfilled hobby mojo. Look forward to seeing what you come up with!