Saturday, 2 March 2013

Ork Kill Team #1, the inglorious second bit

So the other day I posted up pictures of the first member of my ork kill team, Gnasha.

Now, the model used to portray Gnasha is from the GW Ork Kommando set.  I wasn't really up for paying the £25+ price tag that GW have put on the Finecast versions of these, so luckily, I was able to snag a painted set of metal ones on Ebay for under £8 including postage, which I then chucked in Dettol to strip down.

In terms of game purposes, he will be played as one of the regular boyz. Reason being, there is no real point paying 10 points for a dude with no armour, and with special rules (infiltrate and move through cover) that would essentially be useless, as he's part of a mixed unit.  For the same points cost, I could effectively make him into an 'ard boy, with a 4+ armour save.

The important thing is, he looks like a member of a crack unit of military specialists. So what is his story?

"As far back as dis ork can rememba, me dar wuz always tellin' us dat da only one ya could propa depend on iz ya self. An' ya know what? Me dar were right, weren't he? Itz one o'dem sure thingz wot a ork 'az ta learn from da get-go: look out fer numba one. Elsewayz some cunt'll be waitin' to crap on ya' bed roll an' rob  ya' blind fer all ya teef, ya shooterz, ya daggerz  n' wot eva else it iz wot ya 'oldz  dear.
So dat iz exactly wot I done. Looked out fer numba one. Coz I don't like bein' around lotza deez uvver ladz, I 'az ta admit it.  Too bleedin' noisy, too bleedin' careless, dem lot. Getz ya killed quick-smart.  Datz wot made me join da Kommandos.  Dem 'umies av' got a word fer it, dat fing wot iz da first fing wot ya learn in da Kommandos - in-dee-pen-dance - or sumpink like dat.
Da second fing wot ya learnz iz about bein' all quiet, like. An' ya know wot? Learned from da best wot there is, me. From a ork callz 'isself "Silent". Taught us all dat ya could need ta know about livin' in da jungle,  an' movin' quiet-like....
A'course da uvver fing wotz good about da Kommandos iz dat we getz in loadza proper tidy scrapz wiv dem  Imp'rial 'umies wot also likes ta stalk inna jungle.  Dey iz a bit 'arder than dem typical 'umies wot ya normally come across. Dey even az some skillz an' dat.
Wotz dat? Wud dis one eva leave da Kommandos?  Not bleedin' likely, pal. Dis iz a way a' life, ya getz me?"

Now is probably a good time to post up a few sketches I stumbled across whilst first thinking about using a small force of orks...  All credit to the artist concerned, whoever ye may be.  These were the product of a Google Image search, and have been quite inspirational.

He looks like he's prepared for any of a range of situations. Spare ammo,
grenades and mines strapped to his green-ass self.

For some reason,  I am not too sure of, not only is the
stick of dynamite the grot is about to lob lit, but also the bundle attached
to this kommando's rucksack is about to go off too.,. 

A decent bit of foliage never did anybody any harm,
did it? Not sure if this can be classed as stealth, or just
typical orky low cunning!!

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