Thursday, 12 May 2016

Ork Kill Team update: Bacon Ear and chums

Nowt really to say, other than the big 'uns are all now completed. A mere 3 grots to follow...

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Bonny Prince Billy: Ork Kill Team revisited...

A goodly while ago I started work on an Ork Kill Team with the old 4th ed rules in mind. As is usual for many of us, this turned out to be a project that got 60% completed and then forgotten about.

Over the last few days, I felt oddly compelled to paint up the remaining orks. For this post, I'll give you the notorious freebooter, Bonny Prince Billy.

I had the idea for Bonny Prince Billy quite some time ago.  I'd felt inspired to paint him up in a way that was influenced by (as well as by general piratical garb) C17th European aristocrats, with their tendency to cover up smallpox scarring with white powder make-up, and use spots of black velvet to cover particularly deep pock marks (yep, that's what those artificial beauty spots were all about). I also thought that this kind of stylistic ethos might fit quite well with the fashion whims amongst the aristocracy of the wider 40k era Imperium. So I've given this guy a very light shade of green overlaying his face to try and show this.  I did draw the line at giving him a fake beauty spot though. I dunno, though, maybe I should add one.

I haven't converted this model at all. It seemed to capture what I wanted already. He looks like he's striking a victorious pose for a portrait or some-such, which I thought was a suitably pompous look for a 'oomie imitating tough, roaming and looting on the galactic tides.

Other members of the team can be viewed at the links below:
Spag Bol
Dokta Heimlich
Komrad Blenski

There is also another one known as Bacon Ear, but I think I neglected to blog about him. I'll look into it...

WIP - Genestealer cultist from Deathwatch: Overkill

Bon soir or other (probably) mispelt and incorrectly time-framed French greeting.

Here are a couple of pics of my test (and no doubt final) scheme for my Genestealer cultists.

Not really too much to add is there? I've gone for a dull green / grey scheme with purple spot colour.

Undecided on the colour for the bases at this point though.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Terrain build for INQ28 / WH40K

Recently, myself and Wace picked up and split the Renegade boxed game recently released by Games Workshop, both wanting to have a Knight Titan each. After a £30 discount courtesy of Dark Sphere, this meant that we each had a Knight for a mere £45 each.

However, the box contained a building too. So, given that I have plenty of terrain at my place, and that the stuff at Wace's could do with bolstering, I volunteered to put something together, incorporating some parts I had left over from my own terrain builds.

I wanted this to be a bit ramshackle (which is lucky!), and to have a decent playable area, whilst not being totally run of the mill.  Judge for yourselves:

Friday, 29 April 2016

INQ28 - Ecclesiarchy Priest

All has been quiet on the blogging front recently, I'm afraid. I've just not been up to that much hobby-wise, apart from a trip to Nottingham to visit my good buddy Fulgrim, who was heavily involved in the play-testing and design of the recent Death Watch: Overkill game. So we obviously spent a chunk of time playing that. And drinking. And eating. And watching Star Wars.  Good times, yo.

I did finish up this fellow, who will be a part of my Ordo Hereticus retinue, in the role of... priest / preacher / general ecclesiarchy God-Emperor bothering busy body.  The model is from Black Scorpion's range of Cutlass models, and was part of a very bargainous set I picked up at Salute last year.

Here he is. Sweet beard, dude.

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Daemons of Nurgle - Soul Grinder version 3.0 (W.I.P)

What-ho interwebz friends.  I have been busy making a third Soul Grinder of Nurgle in order to fill out the requirements of the Forge Host element of the Daemons formation from Curse of the Wulfen.

This is made from a Maggoth Lord (that I bought off Lee ages ago) and one of  those Ad Mech Kataphron battle servitors. Plus some green stuff cabling.

I think if I ever get my sorry self around to doing a Dark Mechanicus project, this could also adequately serve as an Iron Strider or whatever they are called.

Regardless, it shall now sit waiting forever to be undercoated, and then a further 73 aeons before being painted.

INQ28: Ordo Hereticus savant / scribe

Introducing Himanshu Gallapathie, chief scribe and savant to Inquisitor Ganesha Singh, of the Ordo Hereticus.

This model is from the Black Scorpion range of models for Cutlass.

Today I am a man of few words.

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