Saturday, 29 June 2013

Death Guard terminator #3

This week I managed to finish off the third of my Death Guard terminators. It took me a weeks worth of 1/2 hour to 45 minute sessions to get through, but I think it was worth the time spent.

It's given me an opportunity to have a mess about with glazes and washes, including mixing the two together (ogryn flesh and the Lamenters yellow glaze), which gave a nice finish on the skin.

The tentacle had quite a bit of treatment by way of various washes and glazes - was just experimenting, but I reckon it's turned out well. It certainly seems befouled.

Anyway, enough talking bollocks, here are some photos...

Corehammer - Punk Lifestyle for Punks Without Lives

An excellent new website has recently sprung up, which is well worth a read. It's called CoreHammer, and is basically combining the interests of  table top war games, punk rock and hardcore music, role playing games, video games etc..

It's well worth a read, if, like me your interests include getting your geek on and listening to music for righteous dudes. There's tons of folk that are into both of these things on the quiet. The CoreHammer guys also been good enough to ask me to write the occasional article for them.

Anyways, the site can be found here:

They also have a T-shirt up for pre-order, which (of course!) features a moshing space marine.

You can can pre-order yourself one of these must-have items from here:

M8, U R Moshing.

Anyways, it's well worth a look. There are interviews and reviews and all sorts on there.

Military engagement on Drakefell Moon

++++++++messageincoming+++++++++ Images captured via servo skull indicate hostilities have spread from Avignon Primaris to Drakefell Moon. Incursion by Adeptus Astartes Death Guard [designation Excomunicatus Traitoris Extremis] and Word Bearers [designation Excomunicatus Traitoris Extremis]. Cultist activities confirmed. ++++++++messageinterrupted++++++++

++++++++messageresumes++++++++ Indication of possible Genestealer Cult activities - Xenos infestation unconfirmed [designation <classified by Ordo Xenos - your security clearance level is insufficient>].  Local Guard forces may be corrupted.  Recommend purge with extreme prejudice. ++++++++messagepauses++++++++ Visuals also suggest orkoid spores have taken root. Confirmed  sightings of Ork and Gretchin xenoforms. Request Adeptus Astartes rapid intervention. The Emperor protects. ++++++++messageends+++++++++

Friday, 21 June 2013

Death Guard Terminator #2

Ages and ages ago, I did a bit of a kit bash of Death Guard terminator, affectionately known as Malarius, Thrice Blessed by Nurgle.

It seems that I also spent some time putting together more terminators using the Forge World upgrade kit to make some Death Guard terminators. And obviously, me being me, I put them aside for ages.

Well, this past week, I actually managed to paint one. Bit by bit.  It was a bit of a strange experience, as I was returning to my Death Guard scheme, and I hadn't painted that particular scheme for a good few months. I'm reasonably happy with the outcome, and I'm pleased I've not tried to take any short-cuts or owt.

As you can see from the pictures, I've given this fine young gentleman a massive gnarly claw.  Not entirely sure where it came from, asides from it being a gift from my good friend Fulgrim's bits box. It looks possibly as if it might be from some sort of incarnation of the Keeper of Secrets or some other large Slaaneshi model. Regardless of whence it came, it certainly seems to have worked out well, and doesn't seem out of place on the model.

So here are the pictures...

Life's not hard, you're just soft.

Those truly blessed by chaos always bestride channels of
toxic slurry.

Hopefully the rust has come through well on the bolter. I get the 
feeling that from time to time, I may have overdone the rust 
effects on some of the Death Guard models I've painted.

The amount of texture on these Forge World parts
is unbelievable. If I was better at painting, I'd try
and do it more justice!

I'm toying with the idea of trying to make the wings of the fly iridescent. I'd
hopefully achieve that using the Vallejo metal medium.

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a massive purple eye for a belt
buckle? Me neither.

Here he is, with his old mucker, Malarius.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Chaos cultists from Dark Vengeance

It's been a bit quiet at Miasma of Pestilence over the last couple of weeks, but I've managed to bash out a few more cultists from the Dark Venegeance box to join Arnold Porkinson's merry band of miscreants...

Again I've tried to go for a quick, sketchy style.  I have to say, though, I think I'm struggling a bit with the human flesh tones. Each time I'll be thinking "it looks pretty good so far", and then I'll somehow over-egg the proverbial pudding, and then struggle to get it to a state that looks semi-reasonable. And that state will be different to what I was hoping for in the first place!  Not to worry though. Practice can be no bad thing...

I've doubtless said it before, but these cultist models are great. Not only are they decent looking characterful models, but they are relatively straightforward to paint. They seem to lend themselves quite well to the use of a fairly limited palette.

Images from the Nurgle Grotesquerie #6

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