Sunday, 24 June 2012

News from the front

+++++++++++++The following images were captured by scouts on reconnaisence deep in contested territories on the outskirts of Harfeldus Hive. Moments after these were beamed in via remote up-link, all communications with the team were lost and we have failed to re-establish. Recommend immediate tactical withdrawal to strategic strongpoint Theta-Secundus.  Any auspex contacts unable to confirm friendly status should be terminated with extreme prejudice. Message Ends.++++++++++++++

Death Guard out on Manoeuvres

Just a bit of fun on the kitchen table.

I occasionally like to see what stuff might look like on the tabletop. Yes I am that lame.

Death Guard terminator finished

As I said yesterday, this would be finished today. Here he is.
Malarius, thrice blessed by Nurgle.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Death Guard terminator with Lightning Claws

Anyone of you from the three people that read this blog may remember ages ago, that I did a test piece on some terminator armour.
Terminator torso test piece

Anyways, I was thinking that it was a bit of a shame that the piece was laying around not being used, especially when I was quite happy with the paint job.  So I had a dig around in my bitz box, and had a look on the net for a couple of bits.

Then I completely ignored the fact that the bitz I'd gotten together existed for a few weeks.  Until this week. I painted them up, and put them together.

I know. It's amazing. I (almost) finished something that I started in under a week. It's a world record.
There's still a bit I need to do on the left shoulder pauldron and the face. Probably a bit on the base too. But I'll  finish this tomorrow. Mos' def.

Here's the pictures:

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Death Guard raptors of flying Nurgle or something

So I also stuck some more things together.

This time, it's some Nurgle raptors for the Death Guard.

These are basically the Space Marine assault squad miniatures. I've scraped the Imperial Aquilla from the front of the torsos with a craft knife. I've given them alternate heads, which came from the Chaos Knights kit, and the Nurgle marine head from the chaos space marines kit. I've also given them each a Death Guard shoulder pauldron.  The miniatures are pinned to Forgecraft waterworks bases. Which I quite like.

I've tried to make the main squad look like they are either coming in to land on their jump packs, or like they are bounding over terrain features.  The squad leader I've tried to make a bit more dynamic, as if he's throwing himself forward and letting rip with twin bolt pistols.  Either I managed to pull that one off, or I didn't. Depending on individual opinion.

And now some photographic evidence that obviously involves stuff stood on a lunch box.

Death Guard Daemon Prince test piece finished

Bloomin' 'eck.  I've not posted for ages.

Weddings, visiting folk, drinking ale, drinking wine and whatnot. Not much time for painting or anything. Lame.

Well, I did manage to finish off my daemon prince test piece for the Death Guard. Which I'm sure people will be overly relieved about, as they won't have to look at any more boring W.I.P shots of it.

When I say it's finished, I mean it's finished to the point that I know I can do what I want with the finecast version and it should look good. I'll spend more time on that one, as the face should be more defined.

Anyways. I'm prattlin' again.

I've used a bit of thinned out Devlan Mud (so glad I stocked up on that shit) to wash the flesh, and given it a last bit of a highlight with a mix of Vallejo off white / Formula P3 Thrall Flesh. I quite like the finish I've got.

Here's some more badly shot photographs:
Bit blurry, but I think the colour comes through nice
another picture of a miniature on a lunch box.

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