Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Death Guard raptors of flying Nurgle or something

So I also stuck some more things together.

This time, it's some Nurgle raptors for the Death Guard.

These are basically the Space Marine assault squad miniatures. I've scraped the Imperial Aquilla from the front of the torsos with a craft knife. I've given them alternate heads, which came from the Chaos Knights kit, and the Nurgle marine head from the chaos space marines kit. I've also given them each a Death Guard shoulder pauldron.  The miniatures are pinned to Forgecraft waterworks bases. Which I quite like.

I've tried to make the main squad look like they are either coming in to land on their jump packs, or like they are bounding over terrain features.  The squad leader I've tried to make a bit more dynamic, as if he's throwing himself forward and letting rip with twin bolt pistols.  Either I managed to pull that one off, or I didn't. Depending on individual opinion.

And now some photographic evidence that obviously involves stuff stood on a lunch box.


  1. Yeah, he's pretty cool, tho if both pistols are "blazin'" at the same time, the one in his right mitt might need to be at more of an angle away from the floor.

    Either way, they all look cool, in cool poses and on super cool bases. Cool?

  2. Dai, just search for Yosemite Sam on Youtube to see how blasting your pistols off into the ground (or in any direction) can add a real exclamation mark after introducing yourself. :)


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