Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Frostgrave / Mordheim henchmen part 2

Following on from recent posts, I've done some further work on my Frostgrave war band.

This consists of minor modifications to my barbarian (adding a large shield slung across his back), as well as the construction of a couple more crossbowmen, a couple of swordsmen and a longbow-man.

The vast majority of the parts are again from various GW kits. The only exception here being the body of the longbow-man which is a Perry twins sculpt, and was a freebie at the latest Salute expo this year.  The conversion here is a bit of an homage to old school GW sculpts from the '80s, which often featured an irreverent goblin or nurgling or other creature giving a middle finger to all and sundry, zero fux given.  Obviously, the historically accurate insult the bowmen used to give to the French is helpful here (i.e. the French in the medieval period punished thieves by cutting their fingers off, I believe).

Previous posts on this war band can be found here:

Anyways, here are the pics...

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