Sunday, 26 April 2015

Inquisitor war band update - daemonhost #1

I completed the first of my Daemonhosts the other day. Here's a few pictures of how he/she/it turned out...
Pretty happy with the results, but please excuse the slightly dodgy camera work!

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Inquisitor Ziegfried Daubenton, Ordo Malleus – what we know or are able to surmise part 2.

+++Accessing Ordo Abstruse Datacoils+++

+++Sub-designation: Ordo Malleus+++

+++Ident code: 4612 Alpha Epsilon+++

+++Access granted: Welcome Interrogator Ignatius Basildon+++

+++Thought for the day: It is better to burn one hundred innocents than leave one heretic left standing to corrupt the Emperor’s faithful.+++

Log entry: 2379ZD

Subject: Inquisitor Ziegfried Daubenton, Ordo Malleus – what we know or are able to surmise part 2.

Upon the aforementioned parting of ways between Inquisitor Lord Heinrich Griswald and Inquisitor Ziegfried Daubenton, it is extremely likely that select volumes of forbidden lore that had been confiscated during the purges were commandeered in secret by Daubenton, along with other general resources of a less esoteric nature. It has been noted by {name redacted} that upon their parting, Daubenton had become a very preoccupied and troubled individual. He is thought (with the benefit of many years’ hindsight) to have been wracked with guilt over his meddling in the forbidden and sorcerous dark arts, and that this must have been in direct conflict with an urge to delve deeper into the mysteries and rituals of the arch enemy.

Based upon verbal testimony from various of his Ordos peers, including {names redacted}, who came into contact with him sporadically in this period, there is a strong indication that Daubenton’s obsession with forbidden lore grew over time from roots in good intentions. I regret that I cannot say ‘pure’ intentions, as the pure are incorruptible. Only in the impure of spirit can the insidious nature of Chaos find succour. Regardless, during this period, I would hypothesise that Daubenton wanted to study the items he was searching for; to learn how they might be applied in the defence of the Imperium, and to potentially gain knowledge of how to pierce the raging warp storm that had kept the sector cut off from its core-ward neighbour (it is a fact often ignored or overlooked by the wider Imperium that the Abstruse Sector has only one border with another sector, being limited to a galactic spiral-arm). As it stands, it is still unknown why the warp storm receded recently, restoring access to the galaxy at large, although there is plenty of theorising on this matter throughout the Ordos. I digress, but for interested parties, this matter is being separately researched by {name redacted} and can be accessed at directory {redacted}.

Over the subsequent 9 years, little relating to Daubenton can be confirmed with any degree of accuracy.  It is a matter of record that within days of leaving the service of Griswald, that Daubenton (accompanied by a hunched individual obscured by a hooded robe) came into contact with a rogue trader by the name of Lady Demelza Halifax and secured passage on her ship, the Bounty of Croydius. This seems to be a professional relationship that (to the best of Ordos knowledge) continues to this very day. I can only speculate as to what Lady Halifax is gaining from this arrangement. Doubtless she must gain access to certain sanctioned arcane and Xenos items that fetch vast sums on the black market. Lady Halifax has a certain reputation as a thrill-seeker, a libertine and as something of a deviant. Coupled with her widely documented eccentricities, I have no doubt that she will eventually come to a bad end, whether this is in the company of Daubenton or not.

From what I have managed to piece together, Daubenton seems to have been travelling the hinterlands of the Abstruse Sector during this period.  It seems that he put some initial time and effort into building and expanding his own entourage of operatives, which even by typical Ordos standards seems to include an unusually varied, yet highly skilled selection of individuals.

I would surmise that he also seems to have taken on a triple–purposed campaign in the less-travelled regions of the Sector during this time. From what I can gather, asides from expanding his pool of operatives, this campaign had also consisted of purging heretics with blessed blade and purifying flame in the best traditions of the Holy Ordos, and yet also appears to have been focussed on tracking down books of forbidden lore and various esoteric paraphernalia. I am unable to state with complete certainty at this time which of these purposes was foremost on his agenda.

Based on the limited evidence available (much of which is anecdotal), during this period, Daubenton is noted to have taken a particular interest in worlds classed as semi-feral, or having achieved a feudal level of societal and technological advancement.  As has been widely documented in studies conducted throughout the galaxy, such worlds tend toward a high incidence of ‘stable mutations’ of the standard Homo Sapiens genome.  The most common of these ‘abhuman’ strains being the ‘Ogryn’ and the ‘Ratling’, purposes for which have been found in the legions of the Astra Militarum, or construction industries for example. The Ogryn (and similarly the gene-bred Migou) are noted for their huge stature, stamina and strength, as well as it’s less developed brain which renders them for all intents and purposes, only a little above imbecility in the intelligence and reasoning stakes, but by virtue of this, they are very obedient and will apply themselves to simple, routine tasks with a high level of unquestioning diligence.  The Ratling strain has also been found to be useful in military applications – most notably in a scouting capacity, where their diminutive stature and keen eyesight are a real boon.  They are a hardy breed, despite their size, and are known for their capacious appetite and general belligerence when put within easy reach of opiates or alcoholic substances. Of course, there are other abhuman strains which are considered to be stable, and more than useful to Imperial society, such as the ‘warp-eye’ mutation, prevalent in the houses of the Navis Nobilite, and which contributes to safe interstellar travel via the very immaterium itself.

Seemingly of particular interest here, is another stable strain of abhuman entirely.  One which the majority of mankind finds abhorrent in the extreme based upon their physical appearance and general behavioural traits, not to mention the noisome stench that seems to accompany them wherever they are found. I refer of course, to the so-called ‘Beast Man’ strain. Daubenton is known to have recruited several of these to his team of operatives.  It is believed that these particular specimens originated from the heavily forested world of Olde Sydenham’s Wold. Looking past their quite appalling standards of personal hygiene, their propensity for heavy alcohol usage and fondness for foul language, the Beast Man typically possesses a number of worthwhile traits. Foremost amongst these, is an unswerving sense of loyalty (depending on their particular background and genetic predisposition to a superstitious nature, this could be loyalty to any number of things, be it the Golden Throne itself, one or all of the Chaos pantheon, a master to which they are indentured).  Secondly, they tend toward hardiness, stealth and agility, which tend to make them survival experts in any number of wild environments. Thirdly, they are possessed of a certain low cunning and adaptability which allows them to learn with ease how to use certain modern but basic energy or projectile weapons. On a fourth point, they are strong of limb, and are most ferocious when provoked.

Daubenton also appears to have carried out other rather more specific recruitments during this period from such worlds (i.e. classed as semi-feral, or having achieved a feudal level of societal and technological advancement). It is widely noted that many Inquisitors and other notable persons of import are known to consult the Emperor’s Tarot for purposes of attempting to divine the short term future, in relation to themselves and/or their activities. Daubenton is himself known to have a particular fascination with the art of Divination, and, following this 9 year period, had a very detailed thesis and accompanying research notes on the subject published to the Ordos library.  With particular reference to the art of Divination and this thesis, Daubenton is known (in the course of his research) to have consulted with various characters of a somewhat unusual nature on these backwater planets, such as Shamanistic tribes, witch-doctors, and village ‘cunning’ men. As previously hinted at above, in environments such as these, the indigenous peoples are often abhuman, and just as often a rather superstitious sector of Imperial society. It is little wonder then, that such peoples would put great store in the opinion of such individuals, whom they would perceive to possess magical powers, as they often seem able to make semi-accurate predictions by searching the entrails of small animals and interpreting the way the bones of small avians or seashells fall in patterns when scattered. Of course, given the benefit of more advanced reasoning and education, we are able to hypothesise that such individuals are either low level psykers or that they possess a latent psyker gene. Or, more rarely, are in fact rather cunning and convincing liars that have attained a level of respect in their society through the sheer will to succeed and survive. It is perhaps no surprise that Daubenton keeps a number of these ‘gifted’ individuals in his wider entourage.

After this 9 year sojourn through the hinterlands of the Abstruse Sector, Daubenton is known (from the journals of Inquisitor Lord Griswald) to have returned to the halls of the Holy Ordos to attend a synod. Interestingly, he did not return alone.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Inquisitor warband update - Imperial Guard Beast Men

Absolutely ages ago I put together some Imperial Guard Beastmen, which I was originally intending to multi-purpose as cultists for my Chaos Marines force. In usual Tony of Nurgle style, I did nothing with them.  Until now!

I painted a couple over the weekend, and it seems like they would fit in well with Inquisitor Daubenton's little network of operatives...

Friday, 17 April 2015

Inquisitor Ziegfried Daubenton, Ordo Malleus – what we know or are able to surmise part 1.

+++Accessing Ordo Abstruse Datacoils+++
+++Sub-designation: Ordo Malleus+++
+++Ident code: 4612 Alpha Epsilon+++
+++Access granted: Welcome Interrogator Ignatius Basildon+++
+++Thought for the day: Piety is its own reward.+++
Log entry: 2378ZD

Subject: Inquisitor Ziegfried Daubenton, Ordo Malleus – what we know or are able to surmise part 1.

Ziegfried Daubenton started his somewhat chequered career approximately 67 years ago according to standard Terran reckoning. However, his specific origins and the bulk of his career are the subject of some speculation, as much of his history is absent from Imperial records. The reasons for this absence are also the subject of some speculation: with many holding that they have been expunged by the Holy Ordos for the protection of the souls of all mankind; whilst others speculate that agents in the employ of Daubenton himself have accessed these records, acting on his orders, and purged them from the data coils to cover up his whereabouts and activities. Either way, remaining references to Daubenton are somewhat piecemeal, and as often as not, occur as part of the investigative notations of his peers.

Whatever the true reason or reasons, most within the hallowed halls of the Holy Ordos of the Abstruse Sector agree that Daubenton walks a dangerous and radical path. Many believe he has gone rogue, and the most vocal of his decriers, being of extremely Puritanical persuasion are already calling for him to be declared Traitoris Diabolis Extremis and Excommunicatus.

What can be ascertained is that Daubenton spent much of his early career in the service of Inquisitor Lord Heinrich Griswald of the Ordo Hereticus (may the Emperor welcome him into His Holy Light), on a systematic 10 year campaign to purge the cults of the arch enemy on worlds at the fringes of the Abstruse Sector and (the then warp storm interdicted) Seriphos Sector. According to Ordos records (or at least those that remain intact), the campaign largely enjoyed success until a little over 8 years in and the so-called Hoboken incident.

Hoboken was a fertile agri-world prior to the occurrence of the warp storm, and indeed the ‘incident’, and provided the Croydius sub-sector with a bountiful supply of cereal crops and food-amphibians of several types for those that could afford them, as well as algal slimes which were processed into nutrient rich food-bricks for the poor. As it was also one of the worlds lying closest to the warp storm that was cutting off the Abstruse sector from its nearest sectoral neighbour (Seriphos), I would hypothesise that it was sadly inevitable that there would evidence of warp taint. Further I would hypothesise that the discovery of contaminated or mutated exports (similar incidents have reportedly occurred with perishable goods originating from the Cadian Gate region of the galaxy) may have been a deciding factor in Griswald’s decision to take the purgation campaign to Hoboken in the first place.

In terms of the chain of events taking place at Hoboken, what can be noted as fact is that Griswald and his entourage spent seventeen months (standard Terran reckoning) on world, rooting out the minor cults that had sprung up in abundance amongst the population (notably worshipping the Chaos Pantheon in terms of how they interpreted the warp-bruised sky, the mutated vegetation and so on), prosecuting their way up the heretical network with extreme prejudice.  Many hundreds are said to have been purified by cleansing flame.  Many artefacts are said to have met a similar end, although many arcane tomes were retained for further study and subsequent incineration. Given the way subsequent events seem to have played out, it is safe to assume that Daubenton (previously held to be of sound and stalwart character) may have taken a more than casual interest in the forbidden lore contained these accursed texts.

A common trope throughout the history and folklore of mankind relates to “cutting off the head of the serpent” with regard to ending dissent, heresy and tyranny amongst other uses.  The analogy would not be considered out of place here from what can be pieced together regarding the conclusion of the purgings on Hoboken.  As can all too often be the case (sadly), the very roots of the heretical activities reached deep into the household of the planetary governor {name expunged}, the top strata of both the Officio Administratum and the Ecclesiarchy itself. I would surmise that one of these bodies was infiltrated by {name redacted}, a member of Griswald’s team. Griswald must surely have orchestrated events in order that these ‘top’ level heretics be caught red-handed in their fane conducting their malefic practices.  What they reportedly did do (from the fragmentary evidence remaining), was to interrupt the summoning of a warp entity at a critical moment.

Due to the interruption, it seems the warp-entity (evidence suggests a creature of Khorne) was not adequately contained, and was able to rampage throughout the fane, slaying or maiming all the cultists and most of Griswald’s team. Griswald himself was seriously injured and beaten into a coma. The entity was almost impervious to both las rounds and solid shot, and was only subdued by Daubenton, through the application of copious amounts of Blessed Water, which according to {name redacted}, the creature found to be extremely debilitating, causing it to curl inward upon itself in the manner of a foetus and shriek in “a most unholy manner”. During the mayhem that ensued, I would hypothesise that in defence of his fallen master, Daubenton put into practice some of the forbidden ritual lore he had studied and bound the foul creature to the physical body of a maimed cultist. During the closing moments of the binding, Daubenton lost his right hand to a bite from the creature, but seemingly was possessed of enough mettle to master the pain and shock to complete the binding.  The team is known to have extracted wounded comrades from the site, and to have put the fane to the torch.

Upon leaving the planet, as Inquisitor Lord Griswald was comatose, Daubenton (as the next most senior ranking Inquisitor) took authority, and declared Exterminatus on Hoboken. In the ensuing weeks, Daubenton had an augmetic hand fitted, and Griswald began to recover from his injuries.  It is my understanding that seeds of dissent between Daubenton and Griswald had been sown, when Griswald learned of the binding ceremony. However, in gratitude to Daubenton, Griswald did not censure him; they did however agree to a not entirely amicable parting of ways (however, records do indicate that they encountered each other at least once more in the coming years). I would hypothesise that Daubenton allowed Griswald to continue under the misapprehension that the Daemonhost he had created had been destroyed. Given that other more recent fragmentary information indicates that Daubenton has been travelling in the company of what is believed to be a Daemonhost (nay some reports indicate more than one Daemonhost), it is likely that the creature was not destroyed after all.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Soul Grinder of Nurgle proxy / Glottkin type business

Recently I've been busy putting washes and glazes on this ugly brute. Lahmian Medium is my new jam.

I put him together a while back, and there he sat, on my desk, under-coated and sulky looking. In the pictures, I can see big joins that I'm not happy about, but hey-ho. I've subsequently become much better at the application of liquid green stuff, so I hope I won't have this type of thing to contend with in the future.

As it stands, I'm happy with the skin tones. Less than happy with the horns though.

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