Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Ork kill team #1 - Gnasha

I'll keep the wordage short on this one.

Meet Gnasha, a young ork kommando.  I'll write up some background for him at some point in the next few days...

I'm particularly happy with how the flesh turned out.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

If you've got a problem, and nobody else can fix it... and the A Team are not available...

Warboss Shidshod was faced with a couple of problems. Some might say these problems could be described as "critical".  Either way, these problems would potentially pose a distraction from his favored order of  business, which typically consisted of breaking heads, tearing folk limb from limb, and blowing things up as spectacularly as possible right at the forefront of the action...

"Ere, Glob, take down deez orderz. I needz sum ladz to sort sum fingz out. For da war effort an' dat," Shidshod said to his hapless grot skivvy. "Now, deez fingz wot needz sortin' out, dey requires a certain buncha ladz."
"Yes boss," squeaked Glob.
"First off, get dat lazy git Spagbol to extract dem sneaky ladz from da jungle. You know da ones. Dem Deff Skullz ladz. For starterz, dere iz dat mad git wot cut 'iz own tongue out fer a bet. Eez called "Silent" or some hoomie type of fing like dat. An' we wantz dat Nob wot hangs about wid'im n'all. Jizzlobba I fink eez called. N' dat runty 'un dat alwayz hangz about wiv 'em. Da one wiv big teef, like."
"Yes boss,"
 "And anuvver fing, n'all. Wotz dat prick wiv da' funny 'at called?"
"Well boss, da fing iz, loadz of da ladz has funny 'atz and dat..."
"Dat iz a true fact. I needz to look ta restorin' some discipline wiv deez idiotz. Dey don't even look like proper boyz, summovum. Dressin' up like dem girly elf-thingz with da pointy 'atz an'dat," pondered Shidshod to himself. "Da very one wot I meanz iz dat big 'un what 'az all dem big gunz and fancy fingz. Fancy coat." 
"Da one wot got kicked out of da Bad Moonz tribe fer 'avin' too many teef n' dressin' like a proper wazzock?" suggested Glob.
"Ere, you better watch your lip, young Glob, you tricksy swine. Eez still a ork, and youz still a runt at the end of da day.  But yeah, ee should fit da bill right smart." Shidshod paused to scratch an armpit and then looked down. "You still 'ere, Glob? Wot you waitin' for? I ain't got all day, av' I? And while yer at it, fetch us sum bulletz n'all."


So basically, the story here is that I'm putting together an ork kill team. Here are the first 4 ladz that will be featuring in said kill team...


"Bonny Prince Billy"


Thursday, 21 February 2013

Lord of Nurgle's retinue - Captain of the Guard Contaminatus

Last summer, Tom converted a Lord of Nurgle for my birthday.

You can see him here

It's kind of about time he had his own retinue.  Therefore, I will introduce you to Aquinius, keeper of the Axe of Woe, Captain of the Guard Contaminatus.

This conversion is made up with a MaxMini EU biohazard head and backpack, Anvil Industry Steam Lord legs, and a standard GW chaos marine torso, topped off with left arm from Huron Blackheart...

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Death Guard and Word Bearers - a rough breakdown of what's finished

As I finished the squad of possessed the other day, I thought I'd have a quick review of what I've managed to finish since I started this blog in January 2012...

Daemon Prince with mark of Nurgle
Word Bearers Chaos Lord
Death Guard Chaos Lord

Word Bearers marines/Chosen x6 (incl. aspiring champion)
Death Guard marines x7 (incl. aspiring champion & plasma)
Death Guard marines x7 (incl. aspiring champion & plasma)
Cultist champion

Possessed marines with mark of Nurgle x7 (incl. champion)
Death Guard Terminator with lightning claws

Death Guard Predator with side and turret mounted twin linked lascannons
Word Bearers Helbrute

A bewildering total of 34 models, including one that was painted by Tom (thanks again, dude!).  Meaning that I've managed 33 models in just over a year.

I need to do better this year, for sure.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Death Guard Possessed Chaos Marine #7 and finished unit

This has been a long time coming, to say the least... But now the unit is finished, so that's kind of good news!  Apologies for the dodgy iPhone pics!

By Daemons be Driven

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Death Guard Possessed Chaos marine #6

Here he is.  All was going very well indeed until this morning.

Something went a bit slightly wrong, although it does look worse in the photos than it does in  reality.  Yes. His lips look a bit orange.

Nevertheless I will be doing something about it, and will post up once the problem is sorted...

Goodbye GW Meadowhall

Well, after 20-something years Games Workshop at Meadowhall closed it's doors for the final time last weekend. I can't claim to have visited the shop religiously but I did used to go regularly when it first opened, as my interest in the hobby waned I went in sporadically, usually as a way to avoid wandering around Meadowhall while my wife was shopping. Then my eldest picked up the war gaming baton, re-igniting my need for Grim Darkness and I've been in every Sunday since July. Straight away I discovered a new found respect for the store.  I'd always found GW staff to be quite pushy and had a tendency to perch on your shoulder while you're just casually browsing, but Meadowhall seemed different, really casual and laid back, completely different to the other GW's I'd been in over the last few years.

Anyway, sadly, last Saturday was their end-of-the-world shindig, they had WHFB character one-on-ones going on, Kill Team games and a painting competition.  Alex took his Old Blood, played 3 character battles and won 3. Something tells me the Lizardman army book is a bit over-powered and I'm guessing it's due a re-write, but still, well done young man!

I threw my hat in the ring and submitted the last miniature I painted into the painting competition, not only was it the last thing I'd painted, but it was also the last thing I'd bought at GW Meadowhall.  It was only a test piece Imperial Guard for my upcoming Kill Team, I didn't have high hopes for it winning but it's the taking part that counts init??

Miraculously it came 2nd, I think there were around 20-25 entries, so I was quite chuffed!

All in all the day was a good laugh and it was a great way to remember the shop. Good luck to all the staff there in their new ventures and I'm praying that the old shop doesn't become another god-damn Starb*cks.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Death Guard Possessed chaos marine #4

As promised earlier, here is the one that somehow got away.

I have noticed that the base does need finishing up on this one, though.

This one interestingly has fingers like the legs of a giant prawn. And a crab's hand. And a rat's face.

Death Guard possessed chaos space marine #5

A good while ago, the three regular readers of this blog might remember that I was working on some Death Guard possessed chaos marines. I'd completed 4, but then that little project got a bit side-lined.

Possessed #3
Possessed #2
Possessed #1

In fact, I got that sidelined, that possessed #4 never even emerged into the blogosphere (as the internet-faring dick 'ead might call it).  I may even try and rectify that later.

Well, here is the 5th possessed marine from a squad of 7 (predictably), that of course being the number sacred to the old scabrous one himself, papa Nurgle (may the rot of Nurgle be ever bountiful).  And it was the first one I've tried to do in Death Guard colours for a goodly while. I don't think he's turned out anywhere near as well as the others. Particularly the horns erupting from his right shoulder.  I'll have to have a think about how to fix them.

This is a "brightened" version of the first angle.  The head is
from the Skaven doomwheel kit. I actually reversed the hose that
comes out of the gas mask type affair that he's wearing and
connected it to a grill in his chest plate. It seemed like it might be a
practical bit of kit with no real purpose. Erm...

It's a large purplish crab's hand. The flash is a bit strong. Sorry.

This is a bit closer to the actual colour.  The purple has
a much greyer quality.

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