Saturday, 9 February 2013

Goodbye GW Meadowhall

Well, after 20-something years Games Workshop at Meadowhall closed it's doors for the final time last weekend. I can't claim to have visited the shop religiously but I did used to go regularly when it first opened, as my interest in the hobby waned I went in sporadically, usually as a way to avoid wandering around Meadowhall while my wife was shopping. Then my eldest picked up the war gaming baton, re-igniting my need for Grim Darkness and I've been in every Sunday since July. Straight away I discovered a new found respect for the store.  I'd always found GW staff to be quite pushy and had a tendency to perch on your shoulder while you're just casually browsing, but Meadowhall seemed different, really casual and laid back, completely different to the other GW's I'd been in over the last few years.

Anyway, sadly, last Saturday was their end-of-the-world shindig, they had WHFB character one-on-ones going on, Kill Team games and a painting competition.  Alex took his Old Blood, played 3 character battles and won 3. Something tells me the Lizardman army book is a bit over-powered and I'm guessing it's due a re-write, but still, well done young man!

I threw my hat in the ring and submitted the last miniature I painted into the painting competition, not only was it the last thing I'd painted, but it was also the last thing I'd bought at GW Meadowhall.  It was only a test piece Imperial Guard for my upcoming Kill Team, I didn't have high hopes for it winning but it's the taking part that counts init??

Miraculously it came 2nd, I think there were around 20-25 entries, so I was quite chuffed!

All in all the day was a good laugh and it was a great way to remember the shop. Good luck to all the staff there in their new ventures and I'm praying that the old shop doesn't become another god-damn Starb*cks.


  1. Dude, you've totally nailed eyes! Bloody well done!

  2. Congrats sir, well deserved.

  3. *bow* thanks, I'll paint a few more up with this scheme I think, it has potential...

  4. Look forward to seeing them!!


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