Sunday, 3 February 2013

Death Guard possessed chaos space marine #5

A good while ago, the three regular readers of this blog might remember that I was working on some Death Guard possessed chaos marines. I'd completed 4, but then that little project got a bit side-lined.

Possessed #3
Possessed #2
Possessed #1

In fact, I got that sidelined, that possessed #4 never even emerged into the blogosphere (as the internet-faring dick 'ead might call it).  I may even try and rectify that later.

Well, here is the 5th possessed marine from a squad of 7 (predictably), that of course being the number sacred to the old scabrous one himself, papa Nurgle (may the rot of Nurgle be ever bountiful).  And it was the first one I've tried to do in Death Guard colours for a goodly while. I don't think he's turned out anywhere near as well as the others. Particularly the horns erupting from his right shoulder.  I'll have to have a think about how to fix them.

This is a "brightened" version of the first angle.  The head is
from the Skaven doomwheel kit. I actually reversed the hose that
comes out of the gas mask type affair that he's wearing and
connected it to a grill in his chest plate. It seemed like it might be a
practical bit of kit with no real purpose. Erm...

It's a large purplish crab's hand. The flash is a bit strong. Sorry.

This is a bit closer to the actual colour.  The purple has
a much greyer quality.


  1. Being one of those three, I'm happy to see you working on this stuff again. All looks very nice. I really think you are being too hard on yourself.

  2. Looks like pappa nurgle bestowed some mighty gifts here... Good stuff!


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