Saturday, 16 February 2013

Death Guard and Word Bearers - a rough breakdown of what's finished

As I finished the squad of possessed the other day, I thought I'd have a quick review of what I've managed to finish since I started this blog in January 2012...

Daemon Prince with mark of Nurgle
Word Bearers Chaos Lord
Death Guard Chaos Lord

Word Bearers marines/Chosen x6 (incl. aspiring champion)
Death Guard marines x7 (incl. aspiring champion & plasma)
Death Guard marines x7 (incl. aspiring champion & plasma)
Cultist champion

Possessed marines with mark of Nurgle x7 (incl. champion)
Death Guard Terminator with lightning claws

Death Guard Predator with side and turret mounted twin linked lascannons
Word Bearers Helbrute

A bewildering total of 34 models, including one that was painted by Tom (thanks again, dude!).  Meaning that I've managed 33 models in just over a year.

I need to do better this year, for sure.


  1. I think it's a great haul.

    More would be nice, but what was produced was certainly good enough to be proud of.

  2. Oh, thanks, man. You are very kind!


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