Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Images from the battle of Avignon Primaris

++++++++messageincoming+++++++++Approx. 10 days ago Imperial Standard reckoning, a small landing force of Death Guard designated Excomunicatus Traitoris Extremis were spotted in military against the greenskins of the Snakebite Clan.+++++++++

+++++++++Following image captures beamed in via Servo Skull+++++++++

+++++++++++++message ends++++++++++++++++++++++

Saturday, 11 August 2012

First try at airbrushing

My wonderful wife got me an airbrush / compressor kit for my birthday the other week. She's right good like that. And for this amongst other things, I love her dearly.

So after reading up about what to do and what not to do, I thought it was time to break some rules. Let the good times roll...

...well, anyway, I decided to start off with some simple stuff. Writing words on a box.

Before moving on to spraying a building. Which can be seen atop the box.

I then invited Damien Hirst and Banksy round, who described this a work of "great maturity" and that showed "vision" of an "exceptional depth".

It's my face. In a mask.

It's my hand. In a glove. Holding an airbrush.

I then proceeded to undercoat my Death Guard rhino and my Death Guard terminators.

More to follow on them soon.

Tomorrow, I need to solve 1000 points worth of "the green skin problem" on Avignon Primaris, but later in the week, I'm intending on getting a fair amount of the other stuff I've been building over the past few months primed.

Thanks for reading this fairly pointless update.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Death Guard icon bearer

Howdy folks.

Over the weekend I did a bit more painting.  I really feel like I'm making some progress at the moment, which is great.

Here are some pictures for you to look at. With some bonus background detail of my messy work table.

Hopefully he'll be bringing the illumination of Mortarion to the battlefield fairly soon.

Death to the false Emperor.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Death Guard marine #12

I'm doing well this week. I'm almost becoming prolific or something!!

Here's another plague marine, following my usual colour scheme...

Something strange has also been bothering me this week.  It's had an unexpected effect on me.
A guy called Tony Sly from an American punk rock band called No Use For A Name was found dead earlier this week.  41 years old. That's only 6 years older than me.  It kind of makes a dude feel quite mortal when somebody from the same larger sub-culture, of roughly the same generation pops it..

It'd been a while (12 - 14 years!!) since I'd listened to them, as they'd not released anything that I'd been too interested in for 12 - 14 years (probably coinciding with Chris Shifflet joining Foo Fighters, actually).  Sad times.  I've been having a bit of a nostalgia trip. Here's a clip of Tony doing a tune acoustic style with Joey Cape from Lagwagon. R.I.P.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Death Guard biohazard marines revisited & Chaos space marine sorceror

So, some of you may recall that a couple of weeks back I posted up a couple of 3D sketches of some marines I'd been working on.

Well, since then I've put together some more dudes to round them out to a full squad of 7 (all power to papa Nurgle and all that bollocks), if I were to include my simple kit-bash style conversion of the Huron Blackheart model.  Not sure what he is going to be yet. Chaos sorceror? Aspiring champion type fellow? Just a squad leader? We'll see. Maybe I'll do some play testing at some point to find out how he might work best.

Anyway. Here are some pictures that I took the other week. I may have ingested some ale during these proceedings, so please forgive the camera shake!

I've had this model for a few months now.  My original idea for putting 
him into my Death Guard was to get the River Troll vomit from the plastic 
kit and have it spewing out of the nozzle in the palm of his big power claw 
type affair. Wasn't too sure if would look as cool as it sounds 
though, and didn't want to spend £20-odd quid for the privilige of finding out!

I've given him a Black Templars sword arm with the insignia chopped away.
I do enjoy the idea of him having his sword chained to his wrist. I've also
given him a Death Guard shoulder pauldron.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Chaos Lord of Nurgle - birthday present

So, it was my birthday the other day, and my bestest oldest friend made this for me as a present.

I hope he doesn't mind me posting this up - I think it's ace.

Mad props to Tom Nicholson - "you the man", as they say in that American street poetry that's so popular these days.

Not dead, just busy...

Hello the few that read this...

I am not dead, I've just been really busy with various stuff like work, birthdays and drinking heavily.

Fear not, I predict a return to the virtual world in the very near future.


I am still flying the flag for all things Nurgle. I promise.

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