Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Images from the battle of Avignon Primaris

++++++++messageincoming+++++++++Approx. 10 days ago Imperial Standard reckoning, a small landing force of Death Guard designated Excomunicatus Traitoris Extremis were spotted in military against the greenskins of the Snakebite Clan.+++++++++

+++++++++Following image captures beamed in via Servo Skull+++++++++

+++++++++++++message ends++++++++++++++++++++++


  1. Sepia tone and roads paved with skulls - love it!

    who won though?

    1. Both forces opted for a tactical withdrawal because it was Sunday tea time! I had the upper hand in terms of survivability, but I think Chris had greater numbers (most of which were grots) and the big trukk. It could have gone either way, really as we were almost up to the last minute dash for objectives!


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