Saturday, 4 August 2012

Death Guard biohazard marines revisited & Chaos space marine sorceror

So, some of you may recall that a couple of weeks back I posted up a couple of 3D sketches of some marines I'd been working on.

Well, since then I've put together some more dudes to round them out to a full squad of 7 (all power to papa Nurgle and all that bollocks), if I were to include my simple kit-bash style conversion of the Huron Blackheart model.  Not sure what he is going to be yet. Chaos sorceror? Aspiring champion type fellow? Just a squad leader? We'll see. Maybe I'll do some play testing at some point to find out how he might work best.

Anyway. Here are some pictures that I took the other week. I may have ingested some ale during these proceedings, so please forgive the camera shake!

I've had this model for a few months now.  My original idea for putting 
him into my Death Guard was to get the River Troll vomit from the plastic 
kit and have it spewing out of the nozzle in the palm of his big power claw 
type affair. Wasn't too sure if would look as cool as it sounds 
though, and didn't want to spend £20-odd quid for the privilige of finding out!

I've given him a Black Templars sword arm with the insignia chopped away.
I do enjoy the idea of him having his sword chained to his wrist. I've also
given him a Death Guard shoulder pauldron.


  1. Replace his power fist hand with something else too, else he'll still look like HUron with a weapon-swap.

    The Plague Marines are cool. Can't wait to see them all painted up and displayed together.

  2. I'm figuring that he'll look different enough done out in Death Guard colours. I do really like the huge claw hand though. I don't think I could justify getting rid of it!!


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