Saturday, 1 September 2012

Techmarine conversion

Ok, Tony has asked me if I'd like to contribute to his blog, so here I am, contributing... I'd like to point out straight away that I'm a brush licker. I can't help it. Sorry.

I've had a 'start-stop-start' few years of painting and gaming, I actually managed to put together a 5000pt Witch Hunters army once, never won a battle.... sold 'em, stupid Nuns with guns. Anyway, I appear to be back into the hobby again with a vengeance, probably spurred on by combination of a stack of free stuff from Tony, finding my old bits box and my eldest son starting a Lizardmen army.

So, what army(ies) am I going to work on? Well, Fantasy wise I've inherited a metric ton of Empire and Brettonian stuff so I'm putting together something along those lines, but for 40K I was a bit stuck.

I've done Marines, Witch Hunters and faffed around with Eldar. Unfortunately Orks, Tyranids, Necrons and Tau interest me less than zero, I thought about Imperial Guard but I'd probably need about 20 army cases to carry them round and Tony is doing Chaos. Choices were limited... I sighed and wept softly into my cup of tea.

A few days ago I stumbled on Tim Huckleberrys rough Adeptus Mechanicus list, this was it, I got obsessed. From a hobby/makey/painty standpoint and the amount of fluff to work from it's perfect. It's 10 years old or so and I know its not legal in a gaming sense, but then I don't intend on taking part in tournies or campaigns or owt like that just yet. 

I've got a load of Inquisitor henchmen that look suitable, a couple of old style techmarines and a bunch of other stuff that I can work with. Conversions will be done, fingers will be superglued, kitchen tables will be overrun.

First one done-ish, still need to tidy bits up and do some more work on the base. Old Techmarine, Empire head swap, IG comms backpack, auspex changed and a servo arm added in place of his, err, arm. 

I'll be keeping a record of my successes and inevitable failures on here. If I get good you can look on in awe and wonderment, if I suck badly please pretend you never saw any of this.... move along, move along.


  1. Welcome "Mad Dog" Tom Nicholson, arch tech-bishop of Mars (Barnsley). I really ought to have done an introductory post ushering in the new era of Miasma of Pestilence, but I kind of got distracted... Sorry!

    Worthy first post, dude.

    Great conversion work!!

    The red really work with the black. Really gives the impression of being grimed up with soot and oil. The auspex screen looks really, er, real! The flesh on the face looks really natural.

    I'm really into the chipped look on the armour and servo-arm with the raw metal showing through.

    I am blown away!!

  2. Nice to see this 1st Tom! Your Tech looks very grim-dark and beefy.

    With you posting on here too now, maybe you'll be able to nudge Tony to get on with stuff more often and show us eh? ;)

  3. Cheers Dai, I'll do my best, although you have to understand Tony has many other things to do such as quaffing fine ales, dining on exquisite curry and pulling massive ollies ;)

  4. The ales and curry I can understand, but serious, he still rides BMX's? (Unless "ollie" has changed in meaning since I last lived in England?)


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