Sunday, 16 September 2012

Fear yae in the longe nacht those for whome their immortale soules hath been forsaken. Spaketh their names at thine mortale perile.


  1. Awesome! Love me some goat marines! Possessed?

    1. I should say so, Dai, aye!!

      Yes indeed, I've finally gotten around to starting painting those guys I put together about 6 months back! Watch this space for a few more in the coming weeks.

      Although not this week, off to Budapest for a few days!!

    2. O you lucky sod! My old Rugger team toured over there before I emigrated here to the states. Couldn't get time off from work, so missed out, but I hear it's both a beautiful venue and damned fun drinking hotspot. :)

  2. I can confirm it is indeed a hotbed of drinking awesomeness! Also loads of interesting architecture and monuments that have clearly inspired GW...


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