Tuesday, 4 September 2012

More Ad Mech madness

The bits box took a mild leathering.

Firstly, I scratch-built some kind of anti-grav weapons platform thingy.

Had to crank up the levels using Photoshop a bit, black undercoat doesn't like to be photographed apparently...
The weapons platform consists of 2 heavy bolters from a Sisters of Battle tank sprue, the anti-grav/hover plate doobery underneath is an old Rhino hatch I think, the other stuff I honestly couldn't say... not sure if this fits into an Ad Mech army, but it was good practice for me to build it!

The servitor crew are Void miniatures (Junkers, I think?) with extra mechanicalness added. I bought them originally to use as Adeptus Arbites in my Witch Hunters army many moons ago.

I also painted up a couple of Servo Skulls and made another one from various shiznit I had laying around. These will mainly be used as objective markers I think.

Blood Angel, skull split with his own combat knife. Unlucky.

This one was cobbled together using skulls from a Lizardmen sprue, 2 administrators still hot-desking for the Machine God after death? Needs more work, skulls look flat and the tubes need tidying up a bit.
Next on the agenda is to paint up the weapons platform and servitors, then I need to finish converting a Tech-Priest/Enginseer I started...

Loving it!

Also, for your information and piece of mind, I have been mainly listening to Rust in Peace by Megadeth and Roots and Crowns by Califone. Also, I have been eating waffles.


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