Sunday, 30 September 2012

Ninjas Skinks, damn...

Yeah, so, Skinks.

I had so many plans, but over the last couple of weeks my plans have been undermined by small reptiles.  My sons Lizardmen army is apparently much more important than anything I might be interested in. So, to avert a small-scale nuclear weapons exchange I have been helping to build, undercoat, paint and base over 40 Skinks and a mother-pig-sticking Stegadon. 

Needless to say this, coupled with work, has taken up pretty much every waking second of my life for what seems like years.

Anyway, today I've managed to paint (finish off) some stuff of mine. Tony kindly posted me up the Dark Angel half of the DV boxed set, so in addition to my Ad Mech mania, I'm now building a DA army too. You know, cos that's how I roll, yo.  Or something.

So, instead of just diving in and messing up all those shiny new DA minis I thought I best practice on some of my old marines... I apologise for the horrendous photos, I promise to improve. Maybe.

Bog standard dread. 
Marines. Old Apothecary in the middle. White is a bitch and that is all I'm going to say about that.
Army is going to be 3rd Company hence the diagonal red stripe (yeah, I said 'hence'), backed up with the usual Deathwing and Ravenwing.

I really need to dedicate some time to cracking on with this lot now, cos all these unpainted minis are making me cry inside.

This weeks no-need-to-know-info is that listening to Lemon Jelly (the Lost Horizons & albums specifically) makes dealing with Skinks almost bearable.

Tony has been posting some dark, yet strangely poetic words lately so I thought I best join in:

I love Adventure Time, please don't tell my wife....


  1. Quality! I need to pull the proverbial finger out and get some stuff posted up!

    It's reassuring to know that the skinks haven't carried you off into deepest darkest Yorkshire!!

    The back banner on that marine is great - loving your own spin on the chapter heraldry. I can see shades of the doodling you used to do in the back of your school exercise books here - unexpected nostalgia trip!

    I really need to learn how to do free hand!

  2. Yeah, those doodles were probably the main reason I totally screwed up in my GCSE's!

  3. Who didn't screw up their GCSE's....? or their retakes for that matter!? ^_^ (Proud? no. Was just an arrogant twit of a boy, living the life of a nerdy pot-head in the armpit of Wales, who should have known better.)
    Skipping class to go drink White Lightning and smoke my brains out down the dunes was the incorrect choice when I was 16....
    Dark Angels look rather good Tom. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the Dark Vengeance sculpts. Have fun with them skinks boyo.

  4. Fun with skinks? Nope, I don't understand that concept!


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