Monday, 10 September 2012

Death Guard possessed chaos space marine from start to finish

I actually sat down and did some painting yesterday afternoon and this morning, after what has seemed like ages.

Some of you (well those that have had the misfortune to be following my misadventures for a while at least) may remember this chap from quite a few months back...

Handsome sucker, no?

Well, for the first time I've decided to try and do a bit of a from start to finish type post on the painting process.  Here goes:

1. I started off air brush priming him with Vallejo model air black primer.  Once that was dry, I airbrushed him with  Vallejo model air (can't remember the exact colour...) dark green or something.

2. For the next bit, I gave his head and neck a heavy dry brush with GW Gretchin Green.  I also started on the shoulder, using a 50/50 mix of GW Dheneb Stone and Vallejo off white.

3. I then continued to do the flat areas of the armour with the Dheneb Stone / off white mix, before then coating the metal areas (or the areas I perceive to be metal areas) with Tin Bitz

4. I then gave a rough stipple of of Formula P3 Pig Iron on the metal areas, and a rough dry brush of Formula P3 Thrall Flesh to the head and neck.  The whole model was then given a wash in my own "Murk" wash mix.  This was left to dry over night.

5. I then mixed a bit more off white into the Dheneb Stone / off white mix, so that it was roughly 1 part Dheneb Stone, 2 parts off white, and proceeded to go over the flat armour areas by roughly dabbing the paint on kind of Van Gogh style. Obviously with nowhere near the finesse though. The idea was to try and create a fairly uneven effect that would give some illusion of grime and / or texture.

6. With this bit done, I then went to work on the metal bits, starting with a reasonably heavy but patchy over brush with GW Scorched Brown. This was followed by a rough and randomly spaced stipple with GW Calthan Brown, and a further stipple with a 50:50 mix of GW Calthan Brown & GW Macharius Orange (or whatever it's called. I think the label fell off, and you can't get it any more anyways...

7. To finish, I gave the head and neck a wash with GW Hormogaunt purple, and then worked the teeth back in with pure Vallejo off white.



  1. That was pretty cool and the finished result is ace. Love that grey head.

  2. Love the rusty metal effect, I need to practice that technique... this army will look sweet when its finished dude!

  3. Cheers dudes! I wanted to do a bit more last night but I was too knackered by far!

  4. I've been roped into painting some skinks tonight...


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