Saturday, 9 February 2013

Death Guard Possessed Chaos marine #6

Here he is.  All was going very well indeed until this morning.

Something went a bit slightly wrong, although it does look worse in the photos than it does in  reality.  Yes. His lips look a bit orange.

Nevertheless I will be doing something about it, and will post up once the problem is sorted...


  1. Okay - we should be getting close to getting a squad shot of these freaks, right?

    bet they look ace together.

    1. Yes indeed, just the one to go now.

      Intending on starting work on him (it?)today.

      Group shots will follow for all thus far completed units.

  2. Where do you keep finding these gribbly power fists?! They're great! Oh, and I second Dai's squad shot request...

    1. The gribbly hands and claws are coming from various bits services on eBay. They are from the GW possessed kit. Unfortunately,the arms are the only good pieces in that kit!


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