Monday, 21 January 2013

Resolutions and Realistic Goals!

Well it's a new year...sort of... and with it comes the mandatory resolution:

Be realistic.

Last year I got my second wind (third? forth maybe?) regarding all things Games Workshop and I probably stuck my fingers in way too many pies, I had lofty ambitions of an Adeptus Mechanicus exploratory force, then I went off on a bit of a tangent and had a half hearted attempt at a Dark Angels army.... not to mention helping my eldest son, Alex with his Lizardmen and Tyranids. Add on a full time job, a wife, a second child with a superhero obsession, a mortgage and now a dog, time was not on my side.

So, the new year was a time to take stock and refocus.

The Ad Mech thing is a long term goal, something I will labour on well past my 150th birthday probably, it's not dead but it's a definite back-burner job.

Dark Angels are probably going to be my go-to army, especially considering the amount of DA related gear I've already got and the timely release of the new codex and figures. Most of my time will hopefully be spent on this. 2000 points is my aim.

I've made a deal with Alex regarding his armies, one that will free me up to work on my projects. The deal is secret, it is a deal that was brokered under the watchful gaze of the devil himself. The deal is secret.

I was looking at the old 4th Edition rules the other day and started reading the Kill Team rules, so running alongside the Dark Angels I'm going to make a small 10 man Imperial Guard Kill Team. I'm going to loosely base them on one of the Houses in the Dune universe. I got my mitts on a Commissar Lord so I did a quick paint test in the colours of House Atreides...

Atreides Palace Guard test piece...
House Atreides colours are a green uniform and a red hawk as their symbol. Not sure what I think really, my mother always said "red and green should never be seen, only on an old fools back" and I think she may be right.

Anyway, that's it. Expect a lot of stuff painted green from me this year.


  1. Commissar looks great.

    Resolution is a doable one, even with your listed responsibilities. Just try to stay motivated by having mates egg you on and by posting as frequently as possible.

    Good luck!

  2. This is great, Tom. Really interesting to see a Commissar model in non-Commissar colours!

    And don't forget the Empire...

  3. That's the plan, Dai, motivation is the key and Tony, as soon as the Dar Angels are done I'll start back on the Empire... so probably 2014 ;-)


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