Saturday, 23 June 2012

Death Guard terminator with Lightning Claws

Anyone of you from the three people that read this blog may remember ages ago, that I did a test piece on some terminator armour.
Terminator torso test piece

Anyways, I was thinking that it was a bit of a shame that the piece was laying around not being used, especially when I was quite happy with the paint job.  So I had a dig around in my bitz box, and had a look on the net for a couple of bits.

Then I completely ignored the fact that the bitz I'd gotten together existed for a few weeks.  Until this week. I painted them up, and put them together.

I know. It's amazing. I (almost) finished something that I started in under a week. It's a world record.
There's still a bit I need to do on the left shoulder pauldron and the face. Probably a bit on the base too. But I'll  finish this tomorrow. Mos' def.

Here's the pictures:


  1. Creepy fecker. I like the base lots.

    One thing tho, skin colour is maybe a little too similar to the armour's green?

    1. Yeah, as I was saying there's a couple of bits I need to finish off. The face will be lighter when I've done, for sure.


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