Thursday, 30 May 2013

Ork Kill Team update - Tha dokta will see you now...

This chap is a Pain Boy by the unlikely moniker of Dokta Heimlich.  He's from Kromlech miniatures, and is a worthy addition to the Kill Team (who will, incidentally be taking a first foray onto the tabletop on Saturday, in all their part painted glory!).

Friday, 24 May 2013

Ork Kill Team update - Komrad Blenski reporting for duty!

It's been a while, but I've managed to get another member of the Ork Kill Team ready.
I'm aware people probably can't be bothered to search back, so here are links to the other members of the team that I've managed to paint...

This guy here, as I have mentioned before is manufactured by Kromlech, and is what appears to be an Ork in a Commissar's uniform.

I've named him Komrad Blenski. He's from the Blood Axe clan.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Nurgle Apostate Preacher #2

I've broken out the paints and brushes again after what seems like bloomin' ages.

I finally got around to painting the second of my Nurgle Apostate Preachers. I picked these up at Forge World last year. I was afraid to paint them for ages, for some reason. Both of them were a real treat to paint though, so perhaps I had no real cause to be nervous about it.

The first one can be found at the link below:

Nurgle Apostate Preacher #1

I really love these models. They have an inherent sense of wrongness about them. Take this chap for instance. What purpose do all these tubes and pipes serve? What manner of filth is being pumped around his system and then into his lungs through his archaic breathing apparatus? What filth is he broadcasting through his loud-hailer?


Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Beastmen Cultists / Traitor Guard part 4

Well, I finally finished putting together the rest of my 10 traitor guard / cultist beastmen. I cannot reiterate enough how time consuming and fiddly some of this was.  I certainly don't see myself repeating the process anytime soon!!

Hopefully I can get these and a few other things under-coated at the weekend.

Well, here they are in all all their glory. A stable strain of abhuman mutation from the steaming jungle world of   Pnom Khang IV, on the fringes of the Scarus sector. These "twists" once lived a peaceful, semi-primitive free existence. Free that is, until forcefully conscripted into Imperial service by their "flat-face" oppressors.

However, when Chaos came to the Scarus sector, they threw off the yoke of oppression and took their bloody revenge on the "flat-faces", and to this day carry the skull of Brigadier-General Schwarzhaus atop their banner pole...

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Traitor guard / cultist beastmen part 3

I've managed to put together another beastman cultist / traitor guard model. This time I've used a gor body (off which I decided was it too tricky to try and trim the hooves from), the icon bearer arm from the plague bearers kit, the chaos undivided icon top from the chaos marines kit, and a beastman arm hand-swapped with the Catachan las pistol arm... and a bit of the old green stuff.

It was actually a bit trickier than it looks - for some reason I kept cutting the pins I was using too short, and getting distracted variously by the door bell, the phone and the Mrs whilst trying to get the glue to bond.

In the end, it somehow came together...

Monday, 6 May 2013

Traitor Guard / cultist beastmen part 2.

I've been hard at work doing some more conversion work on the traitor guard beastmen. I've managed to put together another 2, for a grand total of 3.

They are proving to be quite time consuming to put together, but luckily, it's proving more fun than frustrating. Although there is a fair bit of frustration from time to time.

Reasonably happy with how things are going so far.

It's now looking likely that I make these and my cultists into a Traitor Guard allied contingent for Chaos Marines.  I'm having quite a few ideas for converting things up, so it would be quite a varied looking force. And... hopefully a lot of fun to put together.  This is sure to be something of a long term project (as usual - I still have a massive heap of Death Guard and Nurgle daemons to put together).

Say one thing for Tony of Nurgle, he'll always bite off more than he can realistically chew.

Anyways... the pictures:

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Imperial Guard / Cultist Beastman tester model

I've recently been inspired by Victoria Lamb's Broolian beastmen / guardsmen which as well as being fantastic, reminded me of how awesome the Rogue Trader era Imperial Guard beastmen were. And those models have been a long standing set of vintage models that I've always wanted since I was first going to GW in 1987/88.

So I did a bit of research to find out if anybody had been making suitable conversions at all, and lo! They had. It seems that Gors fit well with beefed up (blatantly steroid munchin'!) Catachan Guardsmen in terms of size. They (the Catachans) are much bigger than their Cadian counterparts, and fit very well with the Gor heads.

I'm told the Ungor heads fit quite well with the Cadian bodies... Another experiment for the future. Anyways, I digress.

So a couple of Ebay shops later, I got some stuff together, and this is the first one I've put together...

The gap by the arm will get filled. The glue was still setting
when I took this.

This ought to give you a rough idea of scale. He's a big brute. Make no

Chaos cultist from Dark Vengeance

Simple as. Just a quick job on a Chaos Cultist from the Dark Vengeance box...

Pretty happy for a quick enough job. It's a bit of a rough cut, so there's probably a couple of bits that could do with tightening up.

These cultist models are boss, though. I love the bits of guard uniform that crop up on these models.

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