Monday, 6 May 2013

Traitor Guard / cultist beastmen part 2.

I've been hard at work doing some more conversion work on the traitor guard beastmen. I've managed to put together another 2, for a grand total of 3.

They are proving to be quite time consuming to put together, but luckily, it's proving more fun than frustrating. Although there is a fair bit of frustration from time to time.

Reasonably happy with how things are going so far.

It's now looking likely that I make these and my cultists into a Traitor Guard allied contingent for Chaos Marines.  I'm having quite a few ideas for converting things up, so it would be quite a varied looking force. And... hopefully a lot of fun to put together.  This is sure to be something of a long term project (as usual - I still have a massive heap of Death Guard and Nurgle daemons to put together).

Say one thing for Tony of Nurgle, he'll always bite off more than he can realistically chew.

Anyways... the pictures:


  1. Great looking! And yes, damned time consuming.

    Found my post on my own Beastmen. Hope it can give you some ideas.

  2. Keep at it! It's a great look!


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