Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Beastmen Cultists / Traitor Guard part 4

Well, I finally finished putting together the rest of my 10 traitor guard / cultist beastmen. I cannot reiterate enough how time consuming and fiddly some of this was.  I certainly don't see myself repeating the process anytime soon!!

Hopefully I can get these and a few other things under-coated at the weekend.

Well, here they are in all all their glory. A stable strain of abhuman mutation from the steaming jungle world of   Pnom Khang IV, on the fringes of the Scarus sector. These "twists" once lived a peaceful, semi-primitive free existence. Free that is, until forcefully conscripted into Imperial service by their "flat-face" oppressors.

However, when Chaos came to the Scarus sector, they threw off the yoke of oppression and took their bloody revenge on the "flat-faces", and to this day carry the skull of Brigadier-General Schwarzhaus atop their banner pole...

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