Thursday, 30 May 2013

Ork Kill Team update - Tha dokta will see you now...

This chap is a Pain Boy by the unlikely moniker of Dokta Heimlich.  He's from Kromlech miniatures, and is a worthy addition to the Kill Team (who will, incidentally be taking a first foray onto the tabletop on Saturday, in all their part painted glory!).


  1. Rather clean for an orc doctor, nice change to see that. Good stuff mate!

    1. Da boss 'az kitted 'im out wid sum new stuff for da' mission.

      I love how impatient he looks. The crossed arms. The eyebrow raised, and eye rolling up. He's almost tapping his foot!!

  2. Very cool bro! I love Kromlech, they do some great stuff for Orks.


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