Saturday, 29 June 2013

Corehammer - Punk Lifestyle for Punks Without Lives

An excellent new website has recently sprung up, which is well worth a read. It's called CoreHammer, and is basically combining the interests of  table top war games, punk rock and hardcore music, role playing games, video games etc..

It's well worth a read, if, like me your interests include getting your geek on and listening to music for righteous dudes. There's tons of folk that are into both of these things on the quiet. The CoreHammer guys also been good enough to ask me to write the occasional article for them.

Anyways, the site can be found here:

They also have a T-shirt up for pre-order, which (of course!) features a moshing space marine.

You can can pre-order yourself one of these must-have items from here:

M8, U R Moshing.

Anyways, it's well worth a look. There are interviews and reviews and all sorts on there.


  1. Sweet. I dig Black Flag and Warhammer, so I'm in!

  2. Wait - Mk6 in 80's style artwork moshing marine??? I want one.


    Hope shipping to the US isn't a financial raping though....

    1. It'll apparently be £13.50 including shipping through their Big Cartel page to the US.

    2. That isn't all that bad. Cool mate, cheers.


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