Thursday, 15 August 2013

Daemon Prince of Nurgle

Love this model - it's great. Got to say though, I wish they'd done it in resin.

Spent a good chunk of the evenings in the last week working on this.

The idea is for it to fit in with the scheme I'd worked up on my Plaguebearers, going for a bruised, decomposing look.

Lots of nice, unpleasant detail to be found on this model.

Hopefully, they will collectively take to the tabletop as allies for my Death Guard / Word Bearers.

Who was it that ate all the pies again?

None of us have the right to complain of a bad back after seeing this...

There's a horrible little imp pushing it's way out of it's bum.


  1. That imp is an awesome touch!

    Very nice work mate.

    Any chance of a scale shot next to some marines or something?

  2. I shall try to get round to it...
    It's kind of the size of a fat ogre size model

  3. O man, that is so rank! Great work with the ruptured skin.

  4. Horrible! But in the best way a Nurgle fig could be. Well, done!

  5. Love it! Reminds me a little of Henrietta in Evil Dead 2.


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