Friday, 18 October 2013

Time marches on...

I've been a bit quiet on here recently. Reason being, we are moving house next week, so I've been pretty busy doing stuff related to that.

Croydon, earlier today
Very exciting. I'm about to be a real proper grown-up at the age of 36... and a resident of Croydon. Never thought I'd get to say that.

Having said this, I have earmarked a certain corner of the kitchen for painting purposes, and am speculating about getting a gaming space sorted up in the loft.  Well, when we finally get unpacked at least.

I already have some plans for some new  projects, and also for enhancements to stuff I'm already working on.  It's a reasonable walk to the nearest pub, so once we've got the internet hooked up, hopefully I'll posting up on here relatively often.

Well, the intention is there...


  1. A man's GOT to have his war space! Congrats on the move!

  2. Man needs land to be "man". Aside from some corner to kip in.

    It's a good feeling mate, never thought my socialist "rent for life" self would say it.

    How the hell did you get the funds to afford Croydon? Impressive.

    1. Croydon ain't great by any stretch, and we'll be living in the most deprived bit... SE25... South Norwood. Which in the grand scheme of life ain't so bad, as it's 30 seconds walk from a nature reserve. Plus we could get a small house, rather than a flat, which is all we would've gotten elsewhere.

  3. Man Cave! Man Cave! Man Cave! Congrats.

    1. Cheers - I have to get up in the loft to see if it's viable, though. Watch this space...


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