Thursday, 13 February 2014

World Building part 5 - Adeptus Mechanicus Shrine to the Omnisiah (W.I.P)

The next terrain piece I've been working on is a Adeptus Mechanicus Shrine to the Omnisiah.   This is basically the pieces from the GW Manufactorum kit that you get in the Imperial Sector box set.

The idea behind this was that having an actual manufactorum didn't seem to fit with the Shrine World plan, so I had to think outside the box somewhat. What kind of Adeptus Mechanicus type structure could I realistically justify on a Shrine World? It would obviously need to be a shrine of some kind.

From the Mechanicus perspective the space would need to be used in the most efficient way possible, so it seemed obvious to me that the structure would be multi-purpose. In this  particular case, I've tried to conjure up the sense of a pumping station that provides water from an underground source (obviously consecrated) for general purposes, irrigation of gardens, holy water etc. (this is what I envisage in my head). I'm planning on adding a small fountain or something to one of the other buildings.

The outflow pipe flows into a small pool. I'm thinking this could perhaps be the type of shit lepers bathe in at Lourdes or something. Or more likely where chemicals and mineral particulates are filtered out in the form of slurry.


  1. Corkin' idea. What size area is all this terrain going to fit on? Smaller modular boards or just individual pieces to plonk on a standard 4x6' table?

    1. The base boards are 12in by 12in squares of 4mm MDF. Probably cook up some house rules for area terrain.


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