Sunday, 15 June 2014

By daemons be driven

Following on from the proxy Soul Grinder the other week, I've been stripping paint from old miniatures, re-discovering stuff in old boxes and the like...

Daemons of Nurgle incoming...
This is The Old Death from Enigma Miniatures

Good innit?

These from Maxmini.EU will make a herald and Nurglings

Gratuitous Nurgling bases and old Plague Bearers

and more

and more

and more

Gawd, yer don't sweat much fer a fat lass


  1. Woot! My fav part of Nurgle are the daemons. Would happily sell off my Traitor Marines, but my daemons.... they stay!

    Very nice collection sir!

  2. Cheers man. Since this post, they've been undercoated and base coated. Updates to follow in the coming weeks I expect...

  3. These are great T! Looking forward to seeing them painted up.


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