Friday, 29 August 2014

World Building: Part 9 - The Path of the Martyr (terrain progress)

It seems I've been reasonably busy on the quiet working away at the terrain for the Path of the Martyr. What has been a bit of a hot summer in "Croydon, yo", particularly in the furnace-like area of the house I'd got set aside for a painting area made for a bit of a nightmare climate. Paint seemed to dry on the brush even while using thinned paint on a wet palette.

In order to solve the problem, or avoid it, more to the point, I bought a pack of cheapo paint brushes from a discount book store by the name of 'The Works' for 3 English quids. I moved my painting shit to the dining table and did some rough and ready paint jobs with some jumbo brushes on the terrain, which seems to have turned out pretty well, even if a little basic.

It also seems I have enough terrain ready (or near enough ready) to pretty much fill a 4x4 table. Which was a surprise discovery earlier this evening when I decided to put it all on the gaming table...

The wood in the foreground is unfinished

An overview. Please ignore the miscellaneous crap in the background

Please ignore the frankly awful duvet cover that is protecting the dining table

28mm dudes eye view

1 comment:

  1. Needs more tombstones. Otherwise, looks well good mate!


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