Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Inquisitorial war band update: Servitors part 2 (WIP)

Following on from t'other day, I've been hard at work attempting to create another servitor, and making some further minor amendments to the first one.

Once again the second servitor is based around a Putrid Blight King body, another steel nut I found laying about, some space marine heavy weapon bits and a 'biohazard' back pack. I've rounded this out with some green stuff pipes made using the Green Stuff Industries tentacle maker tool (a wise investment).

This second servitor proved to be much trickier than the first one, as I wasn't as sure what exactly I was aiming for...

I'll start out with some shots of the early stages, and follow on with some shots of the almost finished conversion.


  1. I like this one - rather menacing and a good brother for the gormless 1st one.

    One question and just out of curiosity - why the lightning claws?

    1. It just felt right for some reason. I like the idea of an elegant but vicious weapon like this taken out of it's usual context. In this case, hanging almost slack from the shoulders of a lobotomised gun drone type character.


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