Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Inquisitor war band update: Psyber falcon keeper

As part of my ongoing inquisitorial war band project, I've come up with this bearded fellow, whose role is to be custodian of the inquisitor's psyber falcon, as well as fulfiling a role as a general grunt.

He's based around a selection of Brettonian and Empire parts, plus an arm and other bits from the Tempestus Scions, amongst other 40k accessories.


  1. Might be the angle of the pic, but the hawk looks to be listing a little?

    Otherwise, I like what you've done.

  2. The angle of list is not quite as bad as it looks, but cheers

  3. I was going to echo Dai and say not sure if its the angle but the bird looks to be on the lean.

    Where is the bird from - cracking part to use - very cool.

    The Tempestus kit is full of great bits - I've seen loads of wonderful conversions being made out of it - I really need to convince the missus to let me spend a bit of money and pick a set up.

    1. I have now repositioned the offending "bird" arm - post to follow in a bit.

      Not entirely sure where exactly the bird arm came from. It was in amongst some bitz I got from my uncle a few years back. It must be from some kind of Brettonian or Empire kit from the WH Fantasy range. Couldn't tell you which one or if it's in production any more. Which isn't massively helpful!! Sorry!!

      The Scions are a decent bargain if you pick them up from a 20% off place. A wealth of bitz.


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