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Inquisitor Ziegfried Daubenton, Ordo Malleus – what we know or are able to surmise part 4.

+++Accessing Ordo Abstruse Datacoils+++

+++Sub-designation: Ordo Malleus+++

+++Ident code: 4612 Alpha Epsilon+++

+++Access granted: Welcome Interrogator Ignatius Basildon+++

+++Thought for the day: Contempt is the armour of the righteous.+++

Log entry: 3389ZD

Subject: Inquisitor Ziegfried Daubenton, Ordo Malleus – what we know or are able to surmise part 4.

As mentioned in my previous entry, as time crawls relentlessly on, more data relating to Inquisitor Daubenton is slowly (painfully so) being restored. By virtue of this, I am able to confirm the nature of some of his research at the Ordos citadel during the dozen or so years following the Grand Inquisitorial Synod of Addiscombe Vulgaris. Seemingly, he was putting a great deal of time into seeking out further knowledge of the art of divination, the causes of minor daemonic incursions along the fringes of the warp storm, as well as ways to pierce through.

As to the results of this research, it is unclear at this point what his specific findings were. Toward the end of my previous research note, I briefly referred to the matter of faint astropathic communications originating from core-ward sectors of the galaxy that mentioned both the Path of the Martyr, and the legendary Tomes of Thrixis. It is in respect of these subjects that Daubenton was to dedicate the subsequent 33 years of his career.

A brief overview of the Abstruse sector follows:
The ‘Path of the Martyr’ is a string of shrine worlds and moons linking the rim-ward fringes of the Seriphos Sector to the core-ward fringes of the neighbouring Abstruse Sector.  The ‘Path’ is so named as it marks the route of successful campaign of reconquest undertaken by Imperial forces led in part by Saint Felicitè, during M37.

A series of shrine worlds were erected in ensuing centuries, marking out key sites of victories, designed to act as lasting monuments to the sacrifice of millions of Imperial lives. At the end of the ‘Path’, lies the world of Felicity, which marks the site of the eventual doom and ultimate sacrifice of  Saint Felicitè, where she was stricken down as she concluded rites of banishment which ended a Daemonic incursion, and paved the way for a decisive victory against the more corporeal forces of the Archenemy.

After commandeering a small portion of the Administratum’s astropathic choir, Daubenton and his entourage made ship for the core-ward fringe of the sector (and the warp storm) aboard the Bounty of Croydius under the aegis of the controversial rogue trader, Lady Demelza Halifax. Fruitless attempts were made over a period of several months to pick up clearer astropathic transmissions. It is rumoured that one of the astropaths was driven mad and began to exhibit evidence of warp taint, and had to be executed. Other rumours indicate that the astropath in question was used (against their will, one would presume) to become host to a warp entity of considerable power. Evidence to confirm or disavow either of these rumours is at the current time unavailable.

Following these initial failures at astropathic communion with the wider galaxy, I would hypothesise that Daubenton decided his investigations would then follow a different route.  Over the subsequent 27 years, Daubenton is known to have had extensive interactions with senior Adepts of the Mechanicum on a number of forge worlds, including Krokus, Danelaw, and Whit’s Gifte.  It is noted that on many occasions during this period that Daubenton had been accompanied on extensive voyages along the fringe of the warp storm and the outer rim of the sector. I would speculate that they were seeking something (or things) that would be of benefit to either Daubenton, the Mechanicum or both.  It is clear that bargains of some kind had been stuck. As to who got the better side of these bargains (the nature of which we do not fully understand), it is impossible to say, and of course it is likely that both sides may feel that they did (do the mysterious Adepts of the Mechanicum possess the capacity to feel? They have always struck me as devoid of emotion to the point of soullessness). It seems likely, based on past incidents throughout the galaxy, which the Mechanicum might take particular interest in archaeotech, biotech and xenotech that could potentially be discovered in the course of Inquisitorial investigations.

Speculation asides, there were reports from {name redacted] and {name redacted}, who encountered and worked cooperatively with Daubenton during the {mission name redacted} approximately 6 years ago, of the presence of strange constructs and arcane machines being tinkered with by Mechanicum Adepts that were accompanying Daubenton. At least one of these was biomechanically linked to an astropath, and also seemed to be dispensing ream after ream of nonsense script (if these reports are to be believed as accurate – given the rivalries that often pervade the Ordos, this could be simple slander). I would hypothesise that the device or construct in question must have been put together to assist with Daubenton’s attempts to decipher the astropathic transmissions from beyond the warp storm.

It is in the ensuing 5 years (leading us to the present day), that things become somewhat less clouded, and more pivotal events begin to coincide with Daubenton’s activities.

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