Thursday, 2 July 2015

Inquisitor war band update

Life's been kind of hectic recently, but I have managed to squeeze in a bit of time at my hobby table.

About all I've managed to do is paint up a henchman type character, who is carrying a sniper rifle, and to put together a minor conversion based around the Tech Priest Dominus clam pack character (or whatever it's called).

Not really too much to say on the sniper rifle toting fellow, apart from I gave him a red mask. Not really sure why, but he reminded me in some ways of the Red Skull villainous character from the Captain America comics. I think maybe the way the mask lay against the top of his head? It's not really too important though.

The conversion was kind of fun.  I did away with the walking stick as I didn't really like it, and it seemed a bit unnecessary. The model is being ambulated by a series of mechanical legs, after all! I also got rid of the pointy finger on the pole-axe holding hand.Once again, I didn't like it.  The axe had itself didn't feel quite right to me either. After a bit of rooting through my bitz box, and a good think, I came up with an idea for him to be carrying a pole-mounted loud speaker. The thought behind this is that it would broadcast binary transmissions, either in the form of commands and/or a call of the faithful to prayer (kind of inspired by the call to prayer you hear several times a day if you live near a Mosque).  I'll leave it to the reader to decide whether or not this idea works...


  1. I have been watching your =I= band grow. Quite lovely.

  2. Like the Man from Delmonte, I say YES (!) to that conversion! Really well thought out idea and made a pretty cool sculpt look even better.

    Sniper certainly does look Red Skull-ish.

  3. Cheers Dai!

    I need to have some kind of undercoating session soon!

  4. So stoked on these!! Well done my friend!


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