Tuesday, 23 February 2016

INQ28 Adepta Soritas Novitiate #3 - 5

It seems that in an undue burst of productivity I have managed to complete the 3 remaining members of the squad of Novitiates, including their Sister Superior. There's not much to add here to what I've said about the previous 2 Novitiates at this stage, save that I've made considerable progress on the Ordo Hereticus inquisitor to which they are Oathed.  A separate post on that individual will follow at a later time...

The Sister Superior

The remaining two Novitiates


  1. Really like these Tony. So much so I might see if I can't get bits enough to put one together myself sometime in the future. Wish I had gaming reason to get back to work on my own INQ28 project - those poor sods have sat unloved on my shelf for years now.

    1. Never say never! Its also worth working on stuff for the pure joy of it every now and then - something that its too easy to lose sight of, in my experience!

  2. Those look fantastic - awesome work, man!


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