Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Terrain build for INQ28 / WH40K

Recently, myself and Wace picked up and split the Renegade boxed game recently released by Games Workshop, both wanting to have a Knight Titan each. After a £30 discount courtesy of Dark Sphere, this meant that we each had a Knight for a mere £45 each.

However, the box contained a building too. So, given that I have plenty of terrain at my place, and that the stuff at Wace's could do with bolstering, I volunteered to put something together, incorporating some parts I had left over from my own terrain builds.

I wanted this to be a bit ramshackle (which is lucky!), and to have a decent playable area, whilst not being totally run of the mill.  Judge for yourselves:


  1. Great start! I'm always a fan of terrain you can move through, and not just around like a one-piece house or a solid sight-blocker. The multiple levels, and ability for wide angles of vision here will be fun to play on.

  2. Aye, looking forward to adding this to the buildings of Avignon Alpha- you've crammed impressive variety onto a 1x1 bit o'wood. And thanks for doing the legwork on the assembly!

  3. Nice and 40K industrial look to it thus far. I like it mate.

    1. Cheers Dai. It's the first (well, sort of) bit of scenery where I've tried to think outside the box a bit!


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