Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Heralds of Nurgle #6

++++data packet rec'd++++
++++code verified++++
++++recommend immediate attention++++
++++messenger = Ronayne, F++++
++++designation = Ordo Malleus; Interrogator 1st Class++++
++++access granted++++


I have uncovered evidence that Thrixis and/or one of his close associates have been operating in the Sector most recently.

Perhaps this coincides with the discovery of the stable warp portal between Abstruse and Seriphos? If this is the case, the secret is either out, or it's a remarkable coincidence. Either way, it is cause for concern.  Is Thrixis aware of investigations? Has information somehow been leaked by your Seriphosian colleague, Rachmein? Although I hesitate to cast aspersions on a fellow agent of the Ordos, I will freely admit to having had my reservations about him since we first encountered him and his team of operatives. Master, my mind is racing with the possibilities.

To the matter at hand. You may recall several months ago a matter in the news relating to a member of the Navis Nobilite (one Globulin Sputumfyre) having been taken or disappeared or absconded from their designated vessel, The Crook of the Shepherdess? I attach the news reports and official investigative reports for your perusal, should it have slipped your mind.

Well, around an hour ago, local time, it appears he briefly returned, albeit much changed, to the Sputumfyre family holdings on Surya Napoleon (an agri-world, interestingly enough known for the farming of bio-engineered even-toed ungulates, similar in many respects to the sheep of Olde Terra).

The holdings have since been quarantined, as an extremely virulent illness seems to be sweeping through the livestock and human populations like a veritable tidal wave of filth. The ailment is literally reducing all mammalian lifeforms it spreads to (via the water supply) into steaming pools of noisome liquid in the matter of a few short hours. Those poor souls.

In audio recordings of the distress calls from the Sputumfyre holdings it is easy enough to make out a chant which will be familiar to you from our recent encounter at the water treatment plant:
"Thrixis! Thrixis! Aqua contaminatus! Thrixis!"

I have been living in vain hope that I would never hear those foul words uttered again.  I attach the sound files for your ease of reference, along with some servo-skull captures of what I assume Globulin Sputumfyre.  Reportedly, he soon after strolled into the trout lake and didn't come back out.

I remain, 
your servant

Fergus Ronayne


  1. Nice work, you've done a great job with the skin on this one.

  2. That's very cool. I like the contrast of the blue flames and the more muted earthy tones of the body. Great stuff

    1. You are very kind - I wasn't sure if it had worked as well as I thought it might...

  3. Looks fantastic - that eye really is a fine touch!


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