Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Herald of Nurgle on Giant Mollusc

Ladies. Gentlemen. I apologise for being so quiet on the old blogging front over the past few months or more.

Truth be told, parenting is a tough old lark.

Anyways, behold this object that I have managed to make. It's based of the Scibor giant snail (out of production I think - I ended up getting it from a FLGS based in France) and the Horticulous Slimux body. Other bits include a Blight Kings head and the weird crate / backpack thing from Festus the Leechlord and a shield from the chaos knights. The feelers are chopped of a bit of the previous incarnation of the Beast of Nurgle. All else is either Nurgle icons from various kits and fine jewellry chain (I got about 5m of this for £2 on ebay once).

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Denizens of the Garden of Nurgle - Pestigors: the 4th completed

Alas the common cold persists and serves only to aggravate my general sense of working class malaise and existential angst.  Conveniently, the 4th and final installment of  my series of pestigors addresses (and I hope embodies) this.

I think this is probably both my favourite conversion of the four, and also has probably the best (in my opinion) paint job...


Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Denizens of the Garden of Nurgle - Pestigors: the 3rd completed

As I've found myself with a moment to breathe (or at least attempt to do so through the remains of the snot - I'm no longer contagious, I promise), I thought I might as well put up the next Pestigor.

What can I tell you about this one? His armour is in the best condition of the four, but Grandfather Nurgle has seen fit to bestow upon him some chitinous insectile apendages. You may draw your own conclusions as to whether this makes him first or last amongst equals...

Either way, look upon his grim visage and despair etc. etc.

Pretty happy with how the model turned out post-painting, in particular the mottling on the insect limbs...

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Denizens of the Garden of Nurgle - Pestigors: the 2nd completed

By the Elder Gods! Time can get away from you. Sick baby, sick wife. For sooth, Grandfather Nurgle truly bestowed his blessings 'pon my household this week.

Anyway, I'm too exhausted to think of anything clever or inspirational to say in relation to this guy. I'll let him speak for himself, like.  Admittedly, of the four pestigors I've completed, I think this might be the one I'm least happy with. Don't feel like I thinned out the Blood for the Blood God enough. Hopefully it doesn't overpower the rest of the model though.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Denizens of the Garden of Nurgle - Pestigors: the 1st completed

Here we are, a mere 7 months (plus a few days) since I started labouring over the Denizens of the Garden of Nurgle project.  For those that don’t know, I became a father in May, so by virtue of this, I’ve had next to no time to do any painting or other related activities.  I’ve been managing to find the odd hour here and there, though, and thus am able to present the first of the four Pestigors…

Monday, 14 August 2017

Denizens of the Garden of Nurgle: Pestigors the 3rd & 4th

I finally finished building the last two of my Denizens of the Garden of Nurgle.

One day, I hope to get these painted, but I'm getting at best 1 hour table time per week. Watch this space. Not much will happen while you are watching though.

The fecund and the foul
The benefactor and the beneficiary
The feast for the fallen
Death and the life that springs forth anew

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Denizens of the Garden of Nurgle: Pestigors the 1st & 2nd

All ye beasts of the fields, all ye beasts of the forest, come to slake thy foul thirsts and satisfy thy vilest appetites.

Yon' town, their watchmen are all blind; all of them know nothing. All are as mute dogs, unable to bark. Dreamers lying down plagued by unquiet visions of despair.

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