Saturday, 2 November 2013

Death Guard rhino

It's been a while, but I'm fresh back from moving house. We've been moved in for 9 days now and incredibly already have the internet.

Anyway, forget all that boring real life garbage - I've done some painting over the last few days. I made the decision to finish up something that I'd been putting off for a good while.  I'd built a rhino quite some time back, and put on Fore World's Death Guard door set. Base coated the thing with the airbrush, and then abandoned it. Because I really detest painting vehicles. That's something I've previously moaned about at great length, so I won't get into it again.

Anyway, long story short, here it is...

The first few pics show the rhino without the front view
port cover on. I had to chop that bit up as it wouldn't fit with
the overpriced, too small mis-shapen piece of shit that
Forge World had sold me some time ago.

With view port cover in place.


  1. Looks great mate. Can certainly see your troops stumbling out of it in a farty frenzy.

  2. Nurgle-tastic! Love the colors. Glad to see you back at it my friend!

  3. Good to be back, hoping to be much more active!


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