Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Something dark stirs at the Cadian Gate

I've had an idea in mind for a force of renegade guard, based loosely on the old Imperial Guard beastmen from the Rogue Trader days.  They were models that I'd always quite wanted, but never got around to buying.  They occasionally crop up on Ebay, but they seem a bit pricey for this lost son of Yorkshire.

Longer-term readers may be acquainted with the previous beast-guard conversions I did using gors and Catachans. If you are interested in seeing, you can find them here, and here, and also here and finally, here.

They took me absolutely ages to make.  One day, I'll paint the bastards.

Anyway, this has led to me working on some other conversions, this time using the Cadian box as the basis for the model, and adding in heads from the ungor kit.  The conversion work here is quite basic, involving only cutting / trimming the neck part away on the ungor heads, and filling the gap between head and shoulders with greenstuff, once the glue has set.

For such a minor amount of conversion work, they look pretty effective, particularly with the Imperial Aquilas scored off their armour and guns...

The ungor heads seem to lend the models a fairly belligerent air.  Love it.

This was my original 3d sketch

The original 3d sketch actualised, with "sarge" to keep him company

I imagine this guy as a bit of a veteran


  1. Make sure to give that last chap a grey beard then.

    Simple and effective, I like.

    Are you planning to branch out beyond the typical Bovine/goat-ish style beastmen and try some other styles like reptilian, etc?

    1. Not sure yet, to be honest. See what type of bits I stumble across, and think about how I might fit them together. Not too sure what's out there to be honest...


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