Saturday, 10 May 2014

Heldrake conversions part 1

I've been saving up bits and kits for a while now to try and make hopefully 2 Heldrakes.

Thus far, bits will be sorced from the Heldrake kit, the Vampire Counts Zombie Dragon / Terrorgheist, and the Dark Eldar Talos Pain Engine. No doubt with extra green stuff when it all goes horribly wrong...  Place your bets for when it all turns out that I've bitten off more than a large bear can chew.

I started out by looking at the sprues from all 3 kits to see what I had to play about with. I decided that I'd start out with the standard body assembly for the Heldrake.  See the captions for further notes...

Before adding the Heldrake tail piece I trimmed it down. I had other things in mind...

Other things being a couple of bits from the Talos for a longer tail

Bit of a dry fit (with blu-tak)

Seems to capture the desired effect thus far, so all good.

All glued in place. What will happen next?


  1. This is gonna look awesome!

    1. Thanks dude. It's proceeding well so far... Hopefully put up another update tomorrow


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