Monday, 6 October 2014

As the wails of tormented souls echo about the desolate landscape, a horrific apparition lurches into view...

This is my interpretation of a Herald of Nurgle on a Palanquin. In theory it can be used as such, or as a suitable stand-in for Epidemius.  It's a kit bash idea I've had in mind for quite some time, asides from the finer details.

I should take the opportunity to thank Tim (Fulgrim) from The Tears of Istvaan for kindly donating most of  a Vampire Counts Corpse Cart kit. So er, "mad props, yo" (or whatever the youth say these days).  I rounded out the missing bits with a bit of cut down and melted sprue (where one of the stumbling corpses attaches to the yoke of the cart; a head from the ever popular Empire Flagellants kit; and a random zombie arm I had laying around (it might be from a Kings of War zombie or a GW one - can't remember which).  The other key addition to the cart is the widened platform at the back where old Rotten Chops himself stands. This was created from them wooden stirrer things you can pick up in Costa coffee shops. Apologies to Costa for robbing their stirring sticks.

These here are some photos that I took. Sorry that they aren't the best quality...


  1. SO COOL! Easily imagine this nasty sod trundling about the battlefield picking up the dead and lumping them in his cart-collection.

    1. I kind of like to think of them as the near to death serenading all within earshot with their moans and groans. But for sure, he is collecting them...

  2. Bring out yer dead!
    Bring out yer dead!


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