Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Ulcer of the Abstruse Sector - Great Unclean One of Nurgle

Over the past few weeks I've been doing a little work here and there to finish off my Great Unclean One, who will be known as The Ulcer of the Abstruse Sector. For none shall know the True Name of this foul denizen of the warp, and thereby bind it into service...

I've had this model for ages, and had painted it previously (some 6 years ago) to a much lower standard.  When I decided I was going to try and put together a mono-Nurgle Daemon force some time ago, along with a load of other stuff, it went into the paint stripper.  After a rebuild, re-pin and re-fill on the gaps, and a lengthy little  at a time paint job, here is the finished (apart from varnishing) beast.  I think I enjoyed painting this a great deal more than I did the previous time. Maybe this is partly due to increased confidence in my skill level (slightly improved from a few years back), and maybe partly due to a better understanding of colour (he was green last time; the folly of youth). But most probably because of taking steps in using new techniques (newish to me at least) like not drowning everything in bucket loads of wash, and instead applying it a bit at a time, in the right places, and also gaining a bit of confidence with glazes...

I've done some pictures in normal lighting (which came out a little dark), and also some further shots with flash, which show (hopefully) the colour transitions and glazing effects a bit better. Apologies if they are a bit glarey, but I took them with my phone.  In fact, why am I apologising? If I really meant it, I wouldn't publish them.  Feel free to ponder that one out to your hearts content should you wish to do so.

Tried to put a filter on this picture. You can now more of less tell what's in it!

These flash shots do unfortunately pick out the small flaws in the basing (now corrected)


  1. Appropriately disgusting. Well done mate, mottled skin looks great.

    1. Thanks brother. In the previous paint job I did on him you couldn't really tell quite how gruesome this sculpt is

    2. Yeah, he has quite a bit of exposed tissue areas. I think you've picked them out really well with all the yucky shiny reds and the face is SO MUCH BETTER than the terrible cartoony horned head.


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