Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Blight Drone work in progress part 2

As a follow on to last week's post, here is some more work in progress.  I've been trying to spend a bit of time on this most days, with varying degrees of success...  Love this kit.

Really happy with the results so far.

Mainly, I've worked on:

1. the base for the model, which I've added some spare parts from the Cties of Death kits to, along with some Pegasus bricks, and some Army Painter tufts
2. some glazes and washes on the slug part of the body
3. Gluing the kit together.

This work has been carried out with the audio assistance of the Lawrence Arms, the Doughboys, Samiam, Suicidal Tendencies, Mega City Four and Dillinger Four.


  1. Dead sexi. So dreary and dull, perfect for a daemon-thingie of Nurgle..

    Did you add extra pipes to it?

    1. Cheers man,

      No extra pipes added, just attached one of the side pipes differently so it was flapping about rather than linked at both ends

  2. Disgustingly awesome, love it!

    Suicidal Tendencies...good choice.

    1. Thanks - I feel like my skill level is progressing a bit (finally!!). Just watch me mess it up in the final stages, now that I've achieved something I'm a bit proud of!!


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