Friday, 21 March 2014

Plague Toads work in progress part 1

Just before Christmas I picked myself up a set of Plague Toads from Warhammer World when I went there for the CoreHammer meet up. Uncharacteristically, I've managed to go just less than 3 months before beginning work on them, rather than the much more typical 18 months - 2 years...

I love these models. So unpleasant. Loads of really nice subtle (and not so subtle) touches in these sculpts.  A personal favourite touch is the strange inclusion of an outsized human shaped leg which occurs in the form of a front leg on a couple of the toads. It's gruesome.

I decided quite some time ago that I would like to use these chaps as chaos spawn in my Death Guard army. I think they will fit in nicely.

I've mounted these on trimmed down spare flooring sections from the Cities of Death building kits, and in turn these floor sections have been mounted on 40mm round bases.  I needed to do this to make the models look a bit more convincing. Putting them directly on to the bases just looked weird, because of the amount of overhang.  The tiles added a bit more support from below without increasing the footprint of the bases appreciably.  These lads need to be tabletop legal, after all.

The majority of colouring here has been done with the airbrush. Vallejo black primer and grey primer mixed to undercoat.  This was then oversprayed with Vallejo Russian Green primer. Duck egg was then carefully sprayed on to any areas that I considered to be the underside / underbelly. A rough murky mix of P3 Thrall Flesh, Vallejo medium grey and some unspecified green that I can't remember was lightly drybrushed on to the raised areas.

I layed down a base on the raw exposed flesh areas with a rich, burgundy colour from the P3 range (Sanguine base if memory serves - the label got peeled off!).  The teeth, claws and horns were given a thin coat of GW Calthan Brown. Over all this, I used my "murk wash" to add a bit more depth.

Anyway, below are some pictures of the little I've done so far.


  1. So frikken cute. Love the white/blind eyes.

    1. Thanks man. Done a bit more work on these now. Should hopefully post up over next couple of days


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