Monday, 10 March 2014

Blight Drone (work in progress)

Well over a year ago, I bought the amazing Blight Drone kit from Forge World, and over the last week or so, I've finally gotten around to getting some paint on it.  I've still got a considerable way to go to get this beast finished, but I thought I'd share what I've done so far.

I think for a while I'd been worried about accidentally trashing this amazing kit by doing a poor paint job on it.  That's why it had remained untouched for so long.

Once I got into the swing of this, I decided to do something else I'd been putting off for ages. Using the Vallejo weathering pigments I'd bought over 2 years ago.  Again, I'd been terrified of wrecking a cherished model by messing up in the application of this stuff. I'd had no idea how to use them, and incredibly, didn't even bother looking at any tutorials.  I'm an idiot.  This stuff is really, really simple to use, and great fun to mess about with. Truly I am fool of preposterous proportions (disclaimer: Tony of Nurgle is by no means bloated or fat).

This is an airbrushed base coat washed with Typhus

The "slug" part is a coat of Russian Green primer and
a further coat of Duck Egg applied by airbrush, then
washed with my "murk" mix

The first bit of pigment application was done on the turbines in order to try
and get a feel for how they worked. I just made a paste with a bit of water, a
bit of Vallejo Matt Varnish and some pigments. I then applied some more
pigments in a lighter shade onto the paste (use a shitty brush for this).

Natural light

more natural light

The flash here shows the varying layers of pigment. It looks less crap in
natural light, though

More flash illumination


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers man. This has been so much fun so far. Loving working on this

  2. Tony this is seriously nice rust. Well done mate. Hope my own Drone looks even close to this. (If I ever get back to painting it.....)

    1. Seriously, get back to painting it. The blight drone model is so cool! You also have the requisite skills, brother!


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